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FW: March News from The Shop at Cockey's

March 2013
The Shop at Cockey's Newsletter
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In This Issue
March is Women's History Month
Mmmm... Somethings Cooking!
Beeswax Candles!
Spring is just around the corner
Featured Artist Carolyn Seabolt
Online Shopping
How American Discovered the Easter Bunny

March is Women's History Month 

Beginning back in 1911, Woman's History Month has been celebrated each March by acknowledging the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society.  In celebration of this event, The Shop at Cockey's is featuring the book, Courageous Women of Maryland by Katherine Kenny and Eleanor Randrup.  Both women are also co-authors of Juanita Jackson Mitchell: Freedom Fighter. They both live in Baltimore, Maryland.
Learn about eighteen of Maryland's most influential and courageous women, past and present.  Ideal for the classroom, this educational book offers brief biographies and commentary on poet Lucille Clinton; politicians Helen Delich Bentley, Barbara Mikulski, and Verda Welcome; photojournalist Sadie Kneller Miller; fashion designer Claire McCardell; and art collectors the Cone sisters.  The book takes a look at each women's achievements and the courageous choices they made to realize success. 
Available in store and online.

Mmmm... Somethings Cooking! 
It's our new Welsh cookies by Brewer's Bakehouse, owned and operated by Heather Hundertmark!
The cookie mixes come in three delicious flavors;
Traditional, Pumpkin Spice, and Lemon Poppy Seed.  But these are not ordinary cookies.  These cookies are grilled, not baked.  
Don't miss out on these tasteful cookie mixes. They are easy to make and a treat for the entire family.

To learn more about Brewer's Bakehouse, visit them on Facebook.

Available In store only.

 We have a wonderful assortment of
 Beeswax Candles!
This small home-run business makes 100% Pure Beeswax Candles. The candles are all made using pure essentials oils for scented candles and eco-friendly color for colored candles.  Each candle is hand poured and hand finished to insure a quality product.   

A Beeswax candle is:
  • Incredibly long burning
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Naturally dripless
  • Naturally honey scented
  • Smoke & soot free
  • Renewable resource
Come by the Shop to look at our selection and consider the benefits of Beeswax candles.  
Available in store only.

Spring is just around the corner!   

Although winter decided to give Westminster one last blast of snow, spring is hiding around the corner and ready to bloom!  We are excited to welcome in the beauty of springtime and have a selection of gifts ready for this event.  Come by and see our Springtime Holiday gifts and shake off the winter chill!  Welcome Spring! 


Available in store and online.

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Carolyn Seabolt

 Carolyn Seabolt is a woman of many talents.  Her creative skills include making handmade paper, ceramics, silk paintings, batik, and 1800's style tinsel paintings. Much of her art is inspired by felines and the beautiful nature which surrounds her studio.
Her tinsel paintings are stunning and bright, using a beautiful array of bold colors, furry felines, and delicate flowers. 
Carolyn's painted scarves are an accessory any woman would love to have in their collection.  
  Elegant and fashionable, these scarves will give a beautiful look to any outfit.  We also have beautiful jewelry to match!
 Come by to see our stunning selection of Carolyn Seabolt's tinsel paintings and scarves!
To learn more about Carolyn Seabolt and her art, visit the 

Online Shopping!
We wanted to make your shopping experience as convienent as possible, so we opened a store online! Visit us online to see our vast selection of books and gifts.  We are adding more items each week.

Online for March 2013 
We are celebrating
 Women's History Month
We have picked a selection of books which celebrate the achievements of women in history.  We also have new books available in our children's section.
Stop by our online shop today!

Shop for these titles 


How America Discovered the 
 Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is a rabbit or hare who carries a basket of colored eggs which he hides the night before Easter so children can huntfor them in the morning.  This furry bunny has become a holiday icon and is loved by children of all ages.   Bunnies with pastel colored baskets and candy line the shelves of stores each spring.  But how did we adopt the idea of an egg-laying bunny?

The very first mention of an Easter Bunny dates back to a book written in 1682 by Georg Franck von Frankenau.  The rabbit and the egg were also the symbols of fertility for ancient pagans and a popular motif in medieval churches.  

But America didn't adopt the idea of an Easter Bunny until the 18th century when the Pennsylvania Dutch immigrants brought to this country, the story of the  "Osterhase," which is an Easter Hare.  Children would make baskets out of their Easter hats and bonnets and leave them for the Osterhase to fill.  The Osterhase would come 
the night before Easter and leave beautiful decorated eggs in the children's hats and bonnets.   
Today, the Easter Bunny is still hard at work trying to deliver baskets to children all over the world.  And because of our German ancestors, we are able to carry on this tradition in the USA.  Remember to thank your German ancestors this holiday while enjoying decorated eggs, marshmallow chicks, Easter baskets, and most importantly, the chocolate Easter Bunny.  

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