Monday, December 22, 2014

Close but no cigars after vacation trip to Cuba By Katie V. Jones

Close but no cigars after vacation trip to Cuba

By Katie V. Jones, June 23, 2014

It was an adventure of a lifetime.

On June 1, about 40 members of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce returned from an eight-night, nine-day trip to Cuba. The cultural exchange trip offered a look into a country many Americans do not get a chance to see – but should, according to those who went.


They flew in from Miami and landed in Camaguey, Cuba's third-largest city. Known for its clay pots, the city dates back to the 1500s. Also on the itinerary were trips to the colonial city of Trinidad with a stop at a village of approximately 70 sugar mills, and visits to Cienfuegos, the Bay of Pigs and Havana.

Only recently have Americans been allowed to visit Cuba, and those visits are only through people to people and authorized venues. An ongoing embargo with the U.S. prevents trade with Cuba. No one on the trip was allowed to bring home anything, according to Yingling, especially Cuban cigars, coffee or rum.
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