Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Do not answer phone calls from 909 387 2418 or 602-346-9758

Do not answer phone calls from 909 387 2418 or 602-346-9758.

January 21, 2015 update: Add 410-667-3963 to your list…

Take the time now to enter into your phone the following phone numbers and identify them as Spammer…


909 387 2418


410-667-3963 is one of the latest “Do Not Answer” phone numbers out there.

This is the phone number of a telemarketer for a remodeling company…


Do not answer phone calls from 909 387 2418 or 602-346-9758.

On Monday, January 5, 2015 I got a scam-phone call from 909 387 2418. Then, the very next day, got another scam phone call from 602-346-9758.

Update January 6, 2015
After hardly ever getting spam phone calls on our cellphones for many years, in the last two days we have received two unwanted sales calls – calls that, in reality were probably attempts to commit fraud…

Today, the phone call was from 602-346-9758. I answered it. Yes, I understand that I probably should not have answered it…

The computer-generated robocall immediately began, “Attention, this is not a sales call. You have been referred by a friend to receive a free wireless system.  There is no cost for this system." 

What a load of crap… I did wait for the opportunity to block it.

For more information, go here:


Phone number 909 387 2418 is a scam

Monday, January 5, 2015

Do NOT answer a phone call in which the caller id indicates that the number is 909 387 2418. I got the call earlier today.

Fortunately, I have a policy that if you are not in my phone system, I usually, more often than not, do not answer the phone. This policy has saved me an enormous amount of time. Furthermore, this policy has probably saved me from many scams.

Today I got a phone call from 909 387 2418. I did not answer it. Afterwards, a quick search on the internet indicated it was indeed spam. For example,

“Scam Phone Number 9093872418, Robocall 909-387-2418. Important message about your credit card:

“Calls and would not leave any message. Picked up and found a recording. "Important message about your credit card. Press 1 to speak to a representative". Clicked 1 hoping that I could get them to take me off, to escape the harassment but the line went dead. That's it! Waste of time... I've blocked this number for good”

Another post by “David Fights, Lead Investigator for Scamcallfighters,” reports, “This must be the "lower your interest rate" scammer. It's good that the darned system is not working! That should save the gullible from getting scammed.

“By enticing people with offer to lower interest rate, the scammers get the victim to reveal his personal & banking info apart from credit card details!

“According to the FTC, the companies behind these Card Services Offers can’t do anything for you that you can’t do for yourself, for free. If you are not able to get the rates reduces with your card issuer, neither would they. These scammers try to obtain your card details and will steal money as ‘fees’.

“However, FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule prohibits companies that sell relief services like these rate reduction scams on the phone from charging a fee before they settle or reduce your debt.

“You should file complaint with FTC, whenever you get a ‘Card Services’ call.

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