Friday, January 16, 2015

February 5, 1971: Carroll County Maryland Board of Commissioners meet with Town Officials

January 15, 2015 update: I noticed today that the Carroll County Commissioners scheduled a meeting today with the Carroll County Mayors: “Thursday ~ January 15, 2015 7:00 p.m. Joint Board of County Commissioners/Mayors Meeting County Office Building ~ Reagan Room Commissioners Howard, Wantz, Weaver, Frazier & Rothschild”

I would have like to have attended but got behind… Anyway it reminded me of this news brief from February 5, 1971…. If I am not mistaken – I attended this meeting… The commissioners were G. Herbert Rice, Norman Graham, and John Meyer.

Commissioners Meet With Town Officials - The County Commissioners of Carroll County during the week of January 18th scheduled a meeting with the Mayors and Representatives of the incorporated towns of Carroll County to discuss several matters pertaining to the two general governmental units within the county.

Included in the discussions were procedures which could be implemented by town and county in establishing coordination between planning and zoning programs, the development and implementation of the county wide water and sewer plan and cooperation in further studies involving the financing of facilities of joint concern within and without the incorporated area.

General agreement was expressed at the meeting that periodic meetings should be scheduled and that the programs proposed would be given further study, and discussion would be continued at such further meetings.

Community Reporter, February 5, 1971

19710205 CCBOC Meet Town Officials planning and zoning coordination
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