Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The hugging horse

The hugging horse

Hilarious Horse Won’t Let Man Stop Scratching His Neck

Levi the horse is not only gigantic, but also has a
wonderful sense of humor. He is meeting Tom for the first time and when Tom
scratches his neck they become instant friends – at least according to Levi.
Tom is the brother-in-law to the horse’s owner Janelle. To give you a size
reference, Tom is 6 foot 2 inches tall. Levi is a very tall horse! Tom decided
to give him a few friendly scratches on the neck, and the way Levi responds has
everyone laughing.

Each time Tom tries to walk away, Levi ropes him right back
in with his neck. Then he stretches it out obviously telling him this neck
scratch is nowhere being over just yet. And who can blame him? Everyone loves a
good back scratch, and for this horse, it is no different. What a hilarious
moment to catch on film and no doubt Janelle has a very smart and lovable horse
in Levi!
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