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Report of the Presiding Bishop - ELCA Churchwide Assembly in New Orleans August 8-13, 2016

Report of the Presiding Bishop - ELCA Churchwide Assembly in New Orleans August 8-13, 2016

Published on Aug 12, 2016: Bishop Eaton delivers an inspiring message as her Report from the Presiding Bishop to the ELCA Churchwide Assembly. Eaton says, “In baptism we have all been marked with the cross of Christ, and are all called not to run away, but to run to those dark and deadly places, bringing the light and life of Christ.”

A few assorted miscellaneous takeaways….

It is almost as if Jesus has become wallpaper…

We can’t form relations with other denominations or other religions if we are not clear about who we are.

We are ‘both – and,’ and not ‘either – or.’

Lutherans have a distinctive voice…

Who knew we had a fight song…. What is our fight song? “A Mighty Fortress is our God.”

What is our chant? ‘Justified by Grace.’

Go in peace serve the Lord. Not to see people as problems to be solved.

24:55 thanking first responders for our day of service falls on Sept. 11, 2016 - God’s Work Our Hands Sunday – the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11.

There are more Muslims in this country than ELCA Lutherans

The synod is us. Scheduled Rostered Leaders gathering in Atlanta GA. August 7-10, 2017

We need to reclaim the word evangelical…. The good news. We no longer have this privileged spot in society. We are a missionary church once again. There are so many options now on Sunday morning. The Roman Empire did not give Christians Sundays off. It is not our fault that the world has changed.

Saint Paul was a proto-Lutheran.

White privilege – Benefits of the GI Bill. Some aspects of the GI Bill not available for African-Americans. Around 41:00. We did not create it. We inherited it. But we can change it. Pastors when you get push-back about this. Blame it on me.

Future … God is calling us toward … Future Directions Paper … Ministry site profile.

          https://www.elca.org/future: The ELCA is a young church at only 28 years old. It is a good time to take a look at where we are as God’s people and try to understand what God has in store for us. And we think it is an exciting time to be looking forward together as we approach the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017.

          We want to create a vision for the future ELCA – as a church with solid foundations sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and making a difference in the world locally and globally. And as a church that we can be proud to pass on to our children.

          We want to discover how we can continue to faithfully serve God’s mission in the years ahead and reach a shared understanding among church leaders about the ministries that are most important.

          And we want to assess whether the structures that were set up for this church are right for the future, and as part of this consider how we use our resources in the best possible way. There are many challenges.

God is not finished with us yet….

Let’s go church.


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The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America recently held its Churchwide Assembly in New Orleans August 8-13, 2016 - https://www.elca.org/ChurchwideAssembly

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