Thursday, November 24, 2016

Yesterday we picked-up our Thanksgiving turkey. Wed. Nov. 23, 2016

Yesterday we picked-up our Thanksgiving turkey. Too funny - it says that it was "vegetarian fed." I, for one, am glad that we did not purchase a predator carnivorous  blood-thirsty killer turkey.

It also says that it was a "free-range" turkey. Whenever I think of free-range chickens and turkeys, I think of the June 19, 1967 classic movie, "King of Hearts."

According to one media source, "This quirky comedic war film focuses on Scottish soldier Charles Plumpick (Alan Bates), who is sent to a French town on a mission to disarm a bomb left behind by the retreating German army. Plumpick discovers that the area is deserted except for the inmates of the local asylum.

The mental patients playfully take over the town and pronounce the soldier their king. While Plumpick is intrigued by the antics of the former inmates, he must stay on task and find the bomb before it detonates..."

Wed. Nov. 23, 2016

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