Tuesday, June 30, 2020

NAACP opposes commissioner diversity commission

NAACP opposes commissioner diversity commission

(In full disclosure I am on the board of the Carroll County NAACP)

Carroll County commissioner withdraws diversity commission initiative after NAACP chapter president expresses opposition 

Akira Kyles Carroll County Times |Jun 29, 2020

In the Board of County Commissioners meeting on Thursday, Commissioner Eric Bouchat withdrew his initiative to establish a diversity commission after the president of Carroll County’s NAACP chapter expressed her opposition toward it.
Bouchat previously said he’d like for the commission to look into memorials to lynching victims and Black Americans who served in the Civil War, but Lewis said the NAACP chapter has already been engaged in projects to do both.

She said the chapter has been involved with rededications at Ellsworth Cemetery in Westminster, where Black veterans are buried. And she said the chapter is involved with the Carroll County Coalition of the Maryland Lynching Memorial Project, which began meeting in February to discuss ways to bring awareness and improved understanding of lynching history.

According to Wantz, after Lewis spoke with him, the board took a step back.
Wantz said, “We’re pulling back the reins to allow for the groups that have been putting the sweat and tears into doing all this research and let them do their job.”
Lewis said she was speaking as an individual, but discussed it with the rest of the NAACP board members.

“We met [Thursday] night, and there was total agreement that we do not do this diversity thing that Commissioner Bouchat introduced,” Lewis said.

“What was going to be the end result? Was this going to be a group that was founded and it would be dropped after an election cycle? Your support would not be there after that? I don’t think it was necessarily heartfelt,” Lewis said.


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