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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Oxen driving demo on the grounds of the Carroll County Farm Museum in Westminster Tuesday, August 18, 2015.

Oxen driving demo on the grounds of the Carroll County Farm Museum in Westminster Tuesday, August 18, 2015.

By Michel Elben Carroll County Times contact the reporter

With firm commands, Don Hoff and Karen Butler guided the Carroll County Farm Museum's team of oxen around the yard Tuesday as the two beasts of burden pulled a large tire behind them.

Jack and Jim, a pair of 3-year-old Devon oxen, were donated by the museum's Hoff Barn Committee. The team, with the guidance of drivers, will demonstrate what farm life was like in the 1790s, according to Bob Shirley, education chair for the Hoff Barn Committee.
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

20080709 Excavation for historic Hoff Memorial Log Barn will begin next week

Excavation for the relocated historic Marlin K. Hoff Memorial Log Barn will begin next week

Agriculture History Hoff Memorial Log Barn Carroll Co. MD

Below is a press release on behalf of the Hoff Memorial Barn Steering Committee:

News Release
For Immediate Release

July 9, 2008 – Excavation for the relocated historic Marlin K. Hoff Memorial Log Barn will begin next week, weather permitting, at the Carroll County Farm Museum.

Excavation and site preparation by C. J. Miller will be followed by construction of the stone foundation approximately a week later.

An observation area has been set up for interested people who want to view the work between the hours of 10 a.m. to noon and 1 to 2 p.m. daily, weather permitted. Observers are asked to stay in the designated area, which is posted with signs. Parking will be in the regular museum parking lot.

There may be a delay between the completion of the site preparation and the beginning of the stone foundation, due to contractor schedules.

The circa 1794 barn is made of hand-hewn log beams joined without nails or attachments. It is being dismantled at its original location outside of New Windsor, Maryland, and rebuilt as part of a permanent historic exhibit at the Carroll County Farm Museum. The Farm Museum is located at 500 South Center Street in Westminster, Maryland.

For more information, contact Bob Jones at 410-848-7687.
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20080709 Excavation for historic Hoff Memorial Log Barn will begin next week

Thursday, June 21, 2007

20070621 Westminster Eagle Week in Review

June 21st, 2007

Local News

News Briefs

By Kevin Dayhoff

City takes delivery of new diesel dump truck

Last Friday, instead of getting an early start on the weekend, many employees of the Westminster Street Department hung around the shop a few minutes after work.

They were waiting with anticipation for the expected delivery of a new, 2007 10-ton Inter...


The $125,400 truck replaces a vehicle that was 13 or 14 years old. The new truck was included in the fiscal year budget that will end June 30 and came-in $10,000 under budget, according to Larry Bloom, Westminster's superintendent of Parks, Buildings and Streets.

"We worked carefully with Bare Truck Center, used the state bidding contract, ordered it early, and saved the city money," said Bloom.


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Kevin E. Dayhoff

Carroll working to save and share 'Our Barn'

I recently had the opportunity to visit Carroll County's historic Marlin K. Hoff log barn, which was built between 1785 and 1795.

Those accompanying me included Community Media Center videographers Joe Cimino and Rod Boudreaux, who are planning an educational video of the barn and its relocation t...


These two talented artists have completed a number of great documentaries, including recent videos on the work of the Westminster Municipal Band and the Carroll County Children's Chorus.


Who could deny the appeal of a dancing chorus line including Dave Roush, County Chief of Staff Steve Powell and Commissioner Dean Minnich singing "Our Barn" to the tune of Petula Clark's hit, "Downtown?"


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Mom is the law

Prior to six months ago, Elizabeth Duvall of Westminster could be found driving her two sons around in her minivan.

While she still drives her family around in a minivan, Duvall's driving techniques have been "tweaked" a bit after attending the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission Academy in Sykesville.

Last Friday, Duvall graduated with the academy's latest class, and was recognized as the top driver of emergency vehicles.

"They would tease me that I probably don't drive my minivan the same way," Duvall laughed of her classmates' comments.

But she added ...
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Airport groups vow to continue opposition
Despite last week's approval by the Carroll's Board of County Commissioners to expand the runway at Carroll County Regional Airport, citizen groups say they will continue to oppose the issue as it enters its next phase -- a two-year environmental study.

The results of the study could still halt th...
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Family that plays, stays together

Ken, Stephanie and Ryan Koons have turned their love for music into a family affair.

The husband, wife and son trio, known as Wherligig, will perform traditional Celtic and Nordic music in celebration of the Summer Solstice this Thursday, June 21, at the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster.

Initially formed in 1985, Wherligig has evolved over the years in the type of music the group plays, the instruments they use and the members who play in the band.

Ken and Stephanie have been the core of the band since its inception, and several years ago son Ryan joined them to make it a...
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Business Briefs

Main Street Minute
Turn up the heat for a new summer look

It's the first week of summer vacation and the transition from spring fashions to summer flip flops has begun.

If you're looking to add some pizzazz to your summer look without venturing too far from home, just take a walking, shopping tour of Downtown West...
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Sideline View

Athletes offered a banner year in Carroll County

It wasn't long ago that Carroll County was barely a factor when it came to state high school championships.

With the significant population boom of the past 15 years and the accompanying growth of youth feeder programs throughout the county, Carroll's high school teams started to become more competitive.

County programs took another huge step during the 2006 -07 school year, as five of seven Carroll high schools won state titles.

The run began in the fall, when the Francis Scott Key boys cross country team won the Class 2A...
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Familiar face at police barrack is benefit for Carroll County

One of the first moves for the new Maryland State Police Superintendent Terrance Sheridan was a welcome one for Carroll County.

Last week Sheridan announced that he was reinstating longtime Westminster Barrack commander Lt. Dean Richardson to that post.

Richardson has been the comman...
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Wolf at the Door

It's all over but the shouting, unless there's a legal battle
When Commissioner Michael Zimmer voted against the expansion of the Carroll County airport last week, my faith in human nature was renewed. I remember clearly who was holding up his signs on election day.

Now that the expansion has been included in the airport's master plan, there's still much to ...
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The Passing Parade

There's a full house in the theater of the absurd ...
And it's little wonder, what with the series of absurdities that have dominated the media lately.

On center stage -- where I fear she'll remain until she's either carried off in a straight jacket or loses her girlish figure -- is that living Barbie doll, Paris Hilton, who was born into a fortune a...
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Healthy Recipe
Appealing taste comes from fresh bananas

This week's recipe focuses on the good health and taste of bananas, and is provided by JaDenna Jones, Health Educator and Cessation Coordinator for the Carroll County Health Department.

Discovered by Alexander the Great on his conquest of India in 327 B.C...
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

20070616 Petula Clark, Commissioner Minnich, Steve Powell, and Dave Roush sing “Our Barn.”

Petula Clark, Commissioner Minnich, Steve Powell, and Dave Roush sing “Our Barn.”

Saturday evening, June 16th, 2007

I just filed my next Westminster Eagle column and in it Commissioner Dean Minnich, commissioners’ chief of staff Steve Powell, and Dave Roush are speculated as dancing in a chorus line singing “Our Barn” to the tune of Petula Clark’s November 1964 hit, “Downtown”


Well, you should have read the first draft… Enough said.

This week’s column will be on the continuing efforts to relocate the historic Marlin K. Hoff log barn to the Carroll County Farm Museum.

Meanwhile, for the younger folks reading the blog, this is Petula Clark singing her November 1964 hit, “Downtown:”

Here – you can sing along with the lyrics:


And for a bonus, here’s “Petula Clark - This Is My Song

I had wanted to post “Don’t Sleep in the Subway Darling,” but came across this and liked the video better...

An intelligent comment noted, “this song was originally written for the feature film "A Countess From Hong Kong" (starring Sophia Loren & Marlon Brando), with music and lyrics by Charlie Chaplin, who produced and directed the movie as well [his final film]. This performance came from "THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE" around the time the film was first released, in January 1967.”

Oh what the heck… here’s Don’t Sleep in the Subway Darling