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Monday, June 22, 2009

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Published June 21, 2009 by Carroll Eagle, Westminster Eagle
It's halfway through June, and for those of us who love Maryland's melting heat and humidity, many are wondering — where is summer?

For me, though, thoughts turn to the birth of Frankenstein.

First things first. In 1816, there really was a "year without summer." Carol Lee, in her book, "Legacy of the Land," explains that the year without summer caused quite a bit of hardship in Carroll County. "Farmers in Maryland and elsewhere would remember 1816 as ... 'eighteen hundred and starve-to-death.' " According to Lee, there were freezing temperatures well into June.

What caused the year without summer? According to a July 2002 article in Smithsonian magazine, "Blast from the Past," by Robert Evans, the agricultural and economic catastrophe of 1816 was a volcanic winter, caused by the eruptions of Mount Tambora on the island of Sumbawa, in what we now know as Indonesia, April 5-15, 1815.

... village folk that it's not a bad idea to keep a torch handy on these cool summer nights.
When he is not playing with laboratory-harnessed lightning, Kevin Dayhoff may be reached at kevindayhoff at or visit him at ...

Historic Blue Ridge College bell dedicated In Union Bridge
Published June 20, 2009 by Westminster Eagle
UNION BRIDGE — Several hundred folks braved threatening weather June 20 to witness the unveiling and dedication of the historic 1900 Blue Ridge College bell in Lehigh Square, the original site of the college which had thrived in Union Bridge from 1898 to ... ...

When city got 'sole' in the 1920s, it was cause for a celebration
Published June 14, 2009 by Carroll Eagle
... be the guest speaker. There will be a retirement ceremony for worn flags. Guests may bring old flags for retirement. When he is not waving the flag, Kevin Dayhoff may be reached at kevindayhoff AT or visit him at

Remember when you could walk to work in Westminster?
Published June 7, 2009 by Carroll Eagle
When he's not on a "walk-about" in Westminster, Kevin Dayhoff may be reached at...

Company H: from the Frizellburg greenhouses to the sands of Omaha Beach
Published June 3, 2009 by Westminster Eagle
... (have) come a long way from the old parade field in Frizellburg.”

Dayhoff: New councilmember tackles alleged hit and run driver
Published June 1, 2009 by Westminster Eagle, Carroll Eagle
... Westminster city police arrived and took control of the situation. The accident is under investigation. All in a day’s work.

In 1925, planting the seeds of employment, production
Published May 31, 2009 by Carroll Eagle
When he's not roaming the streets of historic Westminster looking for old factories…

Celebration of memory and change
Published May 26, 2009 by Westminster Eagle
This year’s Westminster Memorial Day ceremonies witnessed many changes over the past — although the solemn tradition of 142 years continued. On Memorial Day the normal hustle and bustle of downtown Westminster paused to remember fallen veterans, and ... ...

Dayhoff: Maryland National Guard Company H, had its beginnings in the flower business
Published May 22, 2009 by Westminster Eagle
... We are deeply indebted to those who fought and died to give us the unalienable right to live free and cherish liberty in the pursuit of happiness. Kevin Dayhoff writes from Westminster.

Mulkey is one of many, yet a special son of Carroll County
Published May 22, 2009 by Carroll Eagle, Westminster Eagle
Recent columns by Kevin Dayhoff

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