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Sunday, July 25, 2004

July 20, 2004: Carroll County Maryland Economic Development Announces Additions to Websites

July 20, 2004: Carroll County Maryland Economic Development Announces Additions to Websites

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According to Brian Snyder, the marketing manager for the Carroll County Department of Economic Development:

The Carroll County Department of Economic Development recently announced several new additions to their websites, and

Enhancing the department’s strategy to attract technology based businesses; a new technology section has been added to  The new section features several sub-pages including technology development, which describes some of Carroll’s appeal to a relocating technology business, such as location, workforce, and training.  Other pages include technology companies, an overview of some of the county’s existing world-leading technology firms; technology resources, which lists public and private web-based technology partners and advocates; and technology news, highlighting some of Carroll’s existing “tech” businesses currently making headlines.

Additionally, the department’s agriculture homepage,, has been redesigned to include new agriculture news and market report sections.  The re-tooled navigation includes a scrolling news headline bar which, when clicked, will automatically redirect the user to the desired news article. The agriculture news page is used to highlight agricultural research, stories and events of local interest. The market report section includes various local and national reports for farmers and agribusiness professionals to locate quick and up-to-date market prices of agricultural commodities and livestock.

“We are very proud of our websites” said Executive Director Jack Lyburn. “Not only are they a great source of information for prospective and existing businesses and individuals, but the new sections fit our strategy to attract and foster technology based industry in Carroll County and grow our agricultural economy, which continues to be the county’s largest industrial sector.”

The new web sections are currently online and can be viewed by going to and respectively.
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