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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

President Obama: The sky is falling March 13, 2013 by Kevin E. Dayhoff

Almost two weeks have gone by since the so-called “sequester” of the federal budget went into effect and all indications lead us to believe that the Zombie Apocalypse has not happened. Nor has it otherwise resulted in the end of the world as we know it.

Remember the sequester? It was the key and critical provision of the Budget Control Act of 2011, which took effect on March 1.

According to Dylan Matthews on March 1, 2013, in The Washington Post:

“The 2013 sequester includes: $42.7 billion in defense cuts (a 7.9 percent cut); $28.7 billion in domestic discretionary cuts (a 5.3 percent cut); $9.9 billion in Medicare cuts (a 2 percent cut); $4 billion in other mandatory cuts (a 5.8 percent cut to nondefense programs, and a 7.8 percent cut to mandatory defense programs).”

According to a number of astute political observers, including Chris Cillizza, also of The Washington Post, the sequester may very well have been over-hyped by a president who is not used to media scrutiny.

Mr. Cillizza wrote in “Did President Obama cry wolf on the sequester,” “In the days leading up to the March 1 sequester deadline, dire warnings about its impact were being issued daily from President Obama. Lines at airports would be interminable. First responders would be compromised. Things would be, in a word, bad.”

At my advanced age, I can easily recognize political silliness when I see it.

According to Media Research Center’s Brent Baker, who wrote in an article titled, “Krauthammer: Obama on Charm Offensive Because ‘Media Could No Longer Cover for Him,’” “Charles Krauthammer credited President Obama’s charm offensive toward Republicans to his losing the news media which couldn’t any longer abide his ridiculous sequester ‘cut’ exaggerations.

Mr. Baker is the vice president for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center, a conservative media watchdog organization and think tank.

President Obama’s strongest constituency, which, according to Dr., Krauthammer, “is not the left, it’s the mainstream media, could no longer cover for him without being entirely embarrassed,” Krauthammer observed last Friday night on the Fox News Channel, “It had to expose the one exaggeration after another on the sequester.”

Dr. Krauthammer went on to observe that …
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