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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Westminster Patch Artist Profile: Carolyn Seabolt Keeps the Art of Tinsel Painting Alive

Carolyn Seabolt, artist, teacher and illustrator aims to revive the dying art of tinsel painting.

By Kerri Gaither January 3, 2012

Carolyn Seabolt is working to keep the art of tinsel painting alive. 

Seabolt, who was the art department chair at Westminster High School, said that when she was in her 20s she saw a woman exhibiting the now-rare tinsel painting at a fair in Pennsylvania. She was so impressed that she learned as much as she could about the craft; gaining knowledge and skills that she now passes on to her own students in an effort to keep this “dying art” alive. 

Tinsel painting was highly popular in England and France in the 1800s. It started as an artistic way for women to re-purpose foil, or tinsel, as the English called it, from teas that their husbands brought home. Tinsel painting involves painting in reverse on glass with stains and acrylic paint. Once painted, foil, or tinsel, is placed behind the transparency, giving it a glitter.

“Tinsel painting is a beautiful type of art that is not around anymore. I teach it in hopes that the craft will not die out completely” Seabolt said.

Seabolt spends her summers teaching silk scarf painting and tinsel painting at Common Ground held at McDaniel College. She also teaches watercolor classes at Carroll Community College and at her very own Cat Tracks Studio


Seabolt’s works can be viewed at the Shop at Cockey’s, Mat About You in Ellicott City, and by appointment in her own Cat Tracks Studio.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Off Track Art – artist profile: Charlotte Laslo

Off Track Art – artist profile: Charlotte Laslo

Charlotte Laslo

Textile Jewelry

I live in Carroll County where my husband and I have three almost-grown children. With a decade of my childhood spent in Tokyo, a History degree from Swarthmore College, and five recent years lived in Germany, I've been a Japanese translator, fitness instructor, framer, Business English teacher, reading tutor, and now Student-Tutor Coordinator at the Literacy Council of Carroll County.

And now I am creating jewelry! Since my first cross-stitch tea towel at age seven, I've spent thousands of hours absorbed in crochet, sewing, knitting or needlepoint. I am fascinated by combinations of stones, textiles, metals, and glass and am brimming with ideas for projects that contrast and enhance the beauty of these ordinary life elements.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cathy Sawdey artist statement

Cathy Sawdey artist statement

Cathy Sawdey

February 1, 2009

C.Z. Sawdey, originally from Pittsburgh, PA, with a B.A. in Art, began working in museums (anthropology, history, and art collections, in various cities) for 20+ years to earn my keep; continued drawing and painting over the years. Recently doing life studies at the Yellow Barn Studion, Glen Echo, MD. Current work in figurative-based drawings.

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Pamela Zappardino artist’s statement

February 2, 2009

Pamela Zappardino

Why I do this……………..

It has been surprisingly hard for me to write an artist’s statement. Perhaps that’s because I had not really thought of myself as an artist until fairly recently. I guess it took a lot of years to peel off those other layers and find out who I really am…and then come to believe it.

I can’t remember a time when my dad didn’t have a camera – maybe two. He loved to take pictures. I also can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a camera and I came to share his love of capturing things on film. In time, it became much more than that.

I see the world differently when I look through the viewfinder. It comes into focus; vision becomes crystalline. As I move across space, I see relationships form and fade. The intensity of experience is clear and tangible. My concentration deepens. I see through the surface layers to what’s really there.

This way of seeing is incredibly exciting to me. Without thinking about it, I started articulating these layers in my mixed media work. Photographs move in relation to each other, or find expression in multiple images. Pieces of stuff sometimes add to the mix. I like unusual juxtapositions. I’m the agent of all of this, but it I don’t think about it too hard, and just go where the work wants to take me. (My natural tendencies toward procrastination help with this process.)

While I have moved on from film to digital cameras, I still love the challenge of finding the right angle, composing the best photo, getting the light just the way I want it. I don’t alter any of my photos beyond the cropping that I could do with photos taken on film. I don’t even know how to use a Photoshop type program. That may come at some point, but for now, I haven’t finished exploring the world as I see it through that frame.

My work is eclectic . Some themes recur…concerns about war and peace, human rights, equity. But perspective intrigues me, as does a mix of colors, and the look on a person’s face. Things out of the ordinary and everyday things are here as well. My dad taught me early on to “fill the frame” and so my photos are often up close, so much so that they may only contains parts of things.

I hope I make people smile, and think, and perhaps do a double take or two. A few “aha’s” would be nice. But mostly I would like people to just enjoy.

Little does my father know that when he gave me that first camera, he set me on a path to becoming an artist. I just had to figure that out.

Thanks, Dad.

20090201 Zappardino artist statement
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Christina Collins-Smith bio and contact information

Christina Collins Smith bio and contact information

Original Photography, Digital Painting and Collage by Christina Collins-Smith

cdcsmith bio and contact information

Retrieved January 6, 2009

Christina Collins-Smith is an arts advocate, artist, poet, educator, and cultural events coordinator, who earned her BA and MLA degrees concentrating in Studio Art, Art History, Cross-Cultural Studies, and Writing at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland.

She is currently an adjunct faculty member of the Division of Fine and Performing Arts at Carroll Community College, serves on the Boards of Directors of Carroll Media Communications, and The Cumberland Cultural Foundation - C. William Gilchrist Museum of the Arts, is the co-founder of Common Ground on the Hill's Roots Music & Arts Festival (now retired from that Board as a Director Emeritus), and is the Founding Director of OneTree Productions.

Christina can be reached by email at cdcsmith AT, or by snail mail at P.O. Box 216, Cumberland, MD 21501.

Want to be on the mailing list? Send your snail mail & email info to: cdcsmith AT

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Friday, April 11, 2008

20080410 Meet Westminster Maryland Artist Sarah Abel DeLuca

Friday, April 11, 2008

Meet Westminster Maryland Artist Sarah Abel DeLuca

The other day over at Gizmos I met another Westminster, Maryland artist, Sarah Abel DeLuca. She has a web site here:

Check it out.


Art in Carroll County

Art in Carroll County - Gizmos



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