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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Redistricting in Carroll County a hot topic from one end of the county to the other and more from Katie V. Jones at writer Katie V. Jones is on a roll these days.

In yesterday’s article, “In letter to Gov. O'Malley, Sykesville officials denounce state redistricting plan,” she writes “The Sykesville Town Council adopted a resolution this week stating its disapproval of the proposed state legislative redistricting plan, one that would place the town in a legislative delegate district split between Carroll and Howard counties.

“And in a Jan. 10 letter to Gov. Martin O'Malley, Mayor Michael Miller suggested the redistricting plan runs, ‘contrary to the state's Constitution’ because it ‘does not give due regard to jurisdictional boundaries.’”

This follows her excellent coverage of “state Sen. Joe Getty(’s) … Jan. 4 ‘town meeting,’ held at J&P Pizza, in Hampstead;” – at the other end of the county – (“Shift in Carroll's district lines a hot topic for 2012”)in which

“In his 90-minute presentation, Getty discussed a topic that will be front and center this week as the Maryland General Assembly convenes its 2012 session in Annapolis. When the gavel falls on Jan. 11, state legislators will be faced with reviewing a sweeping change in state Senate and House of Delegates districts…”

Reading both articles will help you get your arms around the consequences and challenges of congressional and Maryland state redistricting in Carroll County:

In letter to Gov. O'Malley, Sykesville officials denounce state redistricting plan Proposal places Sykesville and part of Eldersburg in split delegate district with Howard County By Katie V. Jones January 15, 2012,0,1562350.story

Shift in Carroll's district lines a hot topic for 2012 Getty hosts town hall session on state, congressional plans By Katie V. Jones January 7, 2012


The Carroll Eagle:

My columns appear in the copy of the Baltimore Sunday Sun that is distributed in Carroll County: +++++++++++++++

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shift in Carroll's district lines a hot topic for 2012

Shift in Carroll's district lines a hot topic for 2012

Getty hosts town hall session on state, congressional plans

There was pizza, salad, mozzarella sticks and, to the delight of state Sen. Joe Getty, a full house at his Jan. 4 "town meeting," held at J&P Pizza, in Hampstead.
"At the last town meeting in Manchester, we had 25 people," Getty said to the residents who gathered. "We've doubled that crowd. There is more here than I expected."
In his 90-minute presentation, Getty discussed a topic that will be front and center this week as theMaryland General Assembly convenes its 2012 session in Annapolis. When the gavel falls on Jan. 11, state legislators will be faced with reviewing a sweeping change in state Senate and House of Delegates districts...,0,244855.story
Kevin DayhoffI’m a newspaper reporter. I’m pushy, inconsiderate and I do not respect boundaries. Kevin Dayhoff is an artist - and a columnist for Patuxent Publishing Co., The Carroll Eagle: Soundtrack: = Dayhoff Art: or = Dayhoff Westminster: or = www.kevindayhoff.orgTwitter: Dayhoff's The New Bedford Herald: = The Tentacle: Kevin Dayhoff Banana Stems Google profile:

Westminster Patch:
E-mail: kevindayhoff(at) BEST VIEWED IN Chrome My columns appear in the copy of the Baltimore Sunday Sun that is distributed in Carroll County:


Friday, July 3, 2009

Carroll County Pathways - the story so far

Carroll County Pathways - the story so far

For more information click here:

Carroll County recommendations for employment zoning campuses stem from 2007 study

20090702 Pathways plan public hearing approaching By Schutt

Pathways plan causing confusion for residents, officials By Charles Schelle

Culleton on Carroll: We need industrial land & insurance it’ll stay that way [20090625 Culleton We need ind land that will stay that way]

And especially read:
Carroll ‘unprepared’ to attract new jobs by Kelsey Volkmann, The Examiner Mar 2, 2007 [20070302 Carroll unprepared to attract new jobs kvbe]

For additional reading go to where you may find previous columns I have written on the history of the Carroll County Comprehensive Plan process in Carroll County: and
Planning a pathway in Carroll County from 1961 into the future

20051005 WE Urban sprawl is no good for all weked

20050929 Agriculture’s new social contract

20090502 SDOSM Comprehensive planning in Carroll County

The Carroll County Planning Commission's public hearing on Pathways will be July 14 from 6 to 9 p.m. at Winters Mill High School, 560 Gorsuch Road, Westminster. Comments are limited to two minutes each.

Public comment to be reviewed by Planning Commission must be received not later than July 10 at 5 p.m. at Carroll County Planning, c/o Pathways Plan Comments, 225 N. Center St., Room 205, Westminster, MD 21157.

A hearing on any proposed rezoning will occur after Pathways is adopted.

Pathways Assistance

Click here to view the Carroll County Economic Development Land and Employment Needs Study. (This is a large file. Right-click to save as a file to desktop.)

Click here to view the executive summary for the Carroll County Economic Development Land and Employment Needs Study.

Click here to view the Frequently Ask Questions about the Carroll County Economic Development Land and Employment Needs Study.

Click here to view the full list of Carroll County studies for the Pathways plan.

Click here to view the Map It Out exercise where residents placed Lego blocks on area they wish to have development. Links to the maps are at the bottom of the linked page.

For more information on Pathways, visit

The Carroll County Times also has plenty of information:

Pathways Maps
Current Map
Proposed Map

Pathways: Explaining Carroll's Comprehensive Plan: (Published May 24 - 26, 2009)

Day 1: Overview, the Water Resources Element and how the municipalities fit into the plan

20-year plan provides blueprint for growth
What will Carroll County look like in 20 years?

County, towns work to address water needs
As the county grows over the next 20 years, the availability of water and wastewater and preserving water quality will be major factors.
Municipalities have own plans for future development
Highlights of Finksburg plan draft to be unveiled
Day 2: Residential growth and agricultural preservation

Protecting farmland a priority in Carroll County
With Carroll County’s agricultural and rural heritage, protecting farmland has long been a county priority. This was recognized in the first county master plan in 1964.

Officials anticipate challenges in downsizing zoning
Carroll residents have shown strong support for the ag land preservation program, and Program Manager Ralph Robertson isn’t expecting much of a challenge to those portions of the comprehensive plan. But the proposed changes to downsize the zoning on the county’s conservation zoning is another challenge altogether.
Plan aims to reduce rural development
Day 3: Economic growth and plans for transportation projects

Pathways goal aims to bring jobs to Carroll
Building a community where residents work where they live is the vision guiding Carroll County’s Comprehensive Plan. County officials hope that vision creates thousands of jobs and builds a diverse tax base.

Plan calls for improvement in transportation
Achieving Carroll County’s long-term goal of communities that are easily accessible for pedestrians and bicyclists will require improvements to the county’s sporadic network of sidewalks, paths and trails.

20090702 Pathways The story so far

Friday, June 19, 2009

Commissioner Zimmer will be holding his town hall meeting series this summer

Commissioner Zimmer will be holding his town hall meeting series this summer


June 19, 2009

Michael D. Zimmer
County Commissioner
Office of the Commissioners
225 North Center Street
Westminster, Maryland 21157-5194

Westminster 410.386.2044
Baltimore 1.888.302.8978
Fax 410.386.2485
TT 410.848.3017

Commissioner Zimmer will be holding his town hall meeting series titled, “I Am Glad You Asked” again this summer. The following are the dates and times:

Thursday, July 16th at 7:00 pm at the Mount Airy Library, Large Meeting Room
Monday, July 20th at7:00 pm at the Eldersburg Library, Large Meeting Room
Wednesday, August 19th at 7:00 pm at the Westminster Library, Large Meeting Room

The format will consist of a presentation by Commissioner Zimmer followed by an open dialogue with the audience. Commissioner Zimmer will accept questions prior to the meeting if an individual is unable to attend.

Please feel free to contact Amanda Miller at 410-386-2044 or by e-mail amiller AT if there are any questions.

20090619 SDOSM Press Release I am Glad You Asked

Friday, May 1, 2009

Carroll Co coverage in and

Carroll Co coverage in and

Coverage of neighborhood, sports and entertainment news in Carroll County

Man shows gun while under restraint order
A 38-year-old Carroll County man pleaded guilty to possessing a firearm while he had a restraining order against him, the Maryland U.S. attorney's office said.

Recent news

Hit-and-run suspect arraigned in Carroll court

Health officials taking steps to track swine flu

Freedom area water service to be disrupted May 1

Victims' rights activist urges families to push forward

Channel 2 weatherman to visit Eldersburg Elementary

Carroll County Explore Carroll

Smoking waivers
Patrons of the Crossroads Inn in Keymar savor permission to smoke there, dodging a statewide ban.

Moving forward
A victims' rights activist urges families to use the law to its fullest potential.
April 24, 2009
McDaniel head Joan Develin Coley to retire

April 22, 2009
Westminster man charged with attempted murder, arson

April 21, 2009
Barricaded man apparently kills self in Westminster
Explore Carroll Co.: Coley says it has been 'my great fortune' to work at McDaniel

Carroll Co. man gets probation for making bomb in basement

Explore Carroll Co.: Sykesville women win big in lottery

Westminster to be capital for a day

April 19, 2009
Crossroads Inn in Keymar savors smoking waiver

April 16, 2009
2-car crash in Carroll kills Sykesville woman

April 15, 2009
3, one a juvenile, charged in killing

Man, 32, charged in bank robbery

April 10, 2009
Finksburg man admits stealing child-support checks

April 06, 2009
Worker injured in chemical explosion at Carroll plant

2 arrested for Sykesville Middle bomb threat

April 03, 2009
Carroll Co. man indicted in death of girlfriend's child

Westminster student accused of shooting classmate with BB gun

April 02, 2009
Judge steps aside in Hensen trial

April 01, 2009
Westminster woman pleads guilty to sex trafficking of minor

Economy forces horses' relocation from Maryland Stallion Station

Extradition delayed in hit-and-run death

March 29, 2009
A stream of tickets, a death in his wake

20090501 SDOSM CC coverage baltimoresun com explorecarroll com

Kevin Dayhoff Soundtrack:
Kevin Dayhoff Art:
Kevin Dayhoff Westminster:
Carroll Co coverage in and
Kevin Dayhoff: Westminster Maryland Online

Recent Charles Schelle articles in Explore Carroll com

Recent Charles Schelle articles in Explore Carroll com

Hit-and-run suspect arraigned in Carroll court
Published May 1, 2009 by Carroll Eagle, Westminster Eagle
Carroll County Circuit Court Judge Francis Arnold denied bond Friday morning for Shawron Gabriel Bibbs, who arraigned for charges in a hit-and-run accident that killed a McDaniel College student.Bibbs was then returned to the Carroll County Detention ... ...

Health officials taking steps to track swine flu
Published May 1, 2009 by Carroll Eagle
Carroll County Health Officer Larry Leitch said this week that he sees swine flu as an extension of the seasonal flu.“This is a very, very mild virus so far,” he said Thursday at a Board of County Commissioners discussion in Westminster.Swine flu has the ... ...

Victims' rights activist urges families to push forward
Published April 27, 2009 by Eldersburg Eagle, Carroll Eagle
Roberta Roper this week urged victims and their families to persevere, sharing the words that her late daughter Stephanie wrote in her journal:“One person can make a difference, and every person should try.”Roper spoke Monday, April 27, at the kickoff to ... ...

Water wars
Published April 27, 2009 by Carroll Eagle, Westminster Eagle
Gov. Martin O'Malley's Mark Twain quote simply summed up what Westminster and Carroll County is facing: "Whiskey is for drinking, and water is for fighting over."Well, except for the whiskey part.Several Carroll municipalities, including ... ...

Victims' rights activist to speak in Sykesville
Published April 26, 2009 by Carroll Eagle, Eldersburg Eagle
Maryland's victims' rights pioneer Roberta Roper will be the keynote speaker Monday in Sykesville as part of the state's kickoff event for Victims' Rights Week.Roper will be part of the 10th annual open house and awards ceremony at the Public Safety ... ...

20090501 SDOSM Recent Charles Schelle articles in Explore Carroll com
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Kevin Dayhoff Westminster:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Frederick Co Commissioners suspend incinerator bids

Meg Tully, Frederick News-Post: Frederick Co Commissioners suspend incinerator bids…

April 29, 2009

Frederick Co Commissioners suspend incinerator bids; will explore other options. Carroll Commissioners to discuss options Thursday morning.

From: Commissioners suspend incinerator plans Originally published April 29, 2009 By Meg Tully News-Post Staff:

Frederick County Commissioners are suspending deliberations on a proposed trash incinerator, and will focus instead on alternative disposal options.

The commissioners accepted bids on the project earlier this year, and appeared to have narrowed those down to a preferred site and contractor to build and run the incinerator.

But they voted 4-1 on Tuesday to suspend that process. Commissioner John L. Thompson Jr. voted against the motion.

Also known as waste-to-energy, the trash incinerator was intended to be a cheaper, long-term answer to the county's shrinking landfill space.


Commissioner Kai Hagen, an outspoken opponent of the incinerator, said he was willing to explore using a waste-to-energy plant outside the county, if it meant the commissioners would suspend the bid process for a
Frederick plant.

But he said that he believes other options, including increased recycling, composting and waste reduction efforts, are the best solutions.




Ay caramba.

Excerpted from: April 16, 2008 How to Make Trash Go Away Kevin E. Dayhoff
Tomorrow the Carroll County Board of Commissioners will deliberate in open session and – hopefully – make a decision regarding the offer from Frederick County to join forces to make 1,100 tons of trash a day go away.

Bear in mind, a further review of my files indicates that this is my fourth go-round regarding what to do with trash in Carroll County in 41 years – going back to 1967.

It was a few short years after the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 that trash really hit the fan in Carroll County.

It has not been a pretty picture ever since. It was back in those days that the county began to take over or close a number of unpermitted de-facto landfills – and then proceed to open more.

Waste-to-energy was rejected once in 1984 and twice in the mid-1990s. Co-composting failed to get the nod in the late 1990s.

Since 1965, every landfill, except one, in which Carroll County has had some degree of participation remains to this day under consent decrees with the Maryland Department of the Environment for the necessary mitigation of environmental hazards. Currently there is no apparent relief on the horizon for the costs to the environment or the financial costs to landfilling.

Back in the first go-round in the 1972 time frame, many of us have felt that the best management approach to solid waste was source reduction and recycling.

It would take 18 long years to get the Maryland Recycling Act passed in 1988. That legislation required a recycling rate of 20 percent.



March 6, 2008
Making Trash Go Away – Part 2
Kevin E. Dayhoff
The February 26th joint meeting between Frederick and Carroll County over how to make trash go away came after two years of discussions and deliberations resulting from the Frederick County commissioners’ adoption of Resolution 06-05, on February 16, 2006.

March 5, 2008
Making Trash Go Away – Part One
Kevin E. Dayhoff
On February 26, the Frederick and Carroll County commissioners met to discuss how to make a combined 1,100 tons of trash-a-day go away.

20090429 SDOSM Frederick Co Commissioners suspend incinerator bids

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dayhoff: Getting the Community Media Center out of the closet

Dayhoff: Getting the Community Media Center out of the closet

By Kevin Dayhoff,

Posted 4/21/09

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the rededication ceremony for the Carroll County Community Media Center.

More than 80 people attended, and it was a reunion for many of us who have watched this great community asset come out of a closet in a basement at what was then Western Maryland College to become a first-rate facility with many talented artists.

Marion Ware, executive director commented that “the rededication was to celebrate five years in this shared community resource… and to recognize all the people and organizations that have made the vision … of community and connections possible.”

Read the rest here:

Dayhoff: Getting the Community Media Center out of the closet
Published April 21, 2009 by Westminster Eagle

Thoughts turn to baseball and Jackie Robinson
Published April 17, 2009 by Carroll Eagle, Westminster Eagle

Dayhoff: Recalling Jackie Robinson, the great American experiment
Published April 15, 2009 by Westminster Eagle

20090421 SDOSM snip WE Getting the CMC out of the closet

Kevin Dayhoff Soundtrack:
Kevin Dayhoff Art:
Kevin Dayhoff Westminster:

Kevin Dayhoff: Westminster Maryland Online

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Carroll County Commissioners to get briefing on incinerator, cost

Commissioners to get briefing on incinerator, cost by Bob Allen

News Briefs

Posted on 2/06/09

Carroll County Public Works Director Mike Evans said this week that the deal for a proposed waste-to-energy incinerator to be used by Carroll and Frederick counties is still "attractive" to the county, even though the cost of the project has risen from $332 million to $527 million.

That's because Carroll County's share, he said, will be 40 percent of that -- and hasn't really risen since the initial projection.

Evans said Carroll's County's share of the costs do not work out to a straight 40 percent of the projected $527 million. He added that under this latest proposal, Carroll's projected costs have not risen, but appear to actually come in slightly lower.

"The numbers get skewed pretty quickly," he said. "When you look at it from our perspective, the numbers are still very attractive."

Evans will brief the Board of County Commissioners on the project update at the board's regular meeting Thursday, Feb. 12, in Westminster.

The briefing follows a presentation last week in Frederick County by Wheelabrator Technologies, a company slated to build and operate the waste-to-energy incinerator in Frederick County.

The facility, if built, would be used by both counties.

Evans said no action will be required from the Carroll Commissioners on Feb. 12 in terms of moving ahead with the project. For one thing, the Frederick County Commissioners have not yet decided whether to accept Wheelabrator's proposal and move forward with the project.

If Frederick County does approve the project, it must then formally "invite" Carroll to join it in going forward with the planning and permitting phase "and find out if we can get a permit," said Evans.

He estimated that part of the process alone will take about two years. The site for the incinerator is slated to be in Frederick County, although no location has been formally announced.

-- Bob Allen

20090206 SDOSM Commissioners to get briefing on incinerator, cost
Kevin Dayhoff
Kevin Dayhoff: Westminster Maryland Online

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Tentacle: WTE Derangement by Norman M. Covert February 5, 2009

Here’s a shout-out to Commissioner Kai J. Hagen, who needs a kind word from someone, anyone. His “noogies” have been few since objecting to the $323 million Waste-to-Energy (WTE) plant proposed for Frederick County. Mr. Hagen should declare victory and admit he was “for it” before he was against it.

The Honorable Mr. Hagen took a roundhouse blow from The Gazette two editions ago in a story, yet to be reported by the local Daily Blather. The affable Mr. Hagen was guilty, reporter Sherry Greenfield recounted, of using his MacIntosh™ computer to scold his colleagues by email regarding the WTE.

Mr. Hagen wrote to colleagues and bantered with private citizens saying that county staff and a professional consultant had given them information regarding the WTE that amounted to “scientific fraud.”

Huge words for a rookie politician, who may not understand that words have meaning. When you write them down and hand them out, as in an email, they last forever. They are the ultimate example of recycling gone bad. Before you hit, “Send,” stew over it a bit.

It was a miscalculation by Mr. Hagen, whose winning electoral base may have disappeared, leaving him a minority constituency of “Groans.” His opposition campaign, including a cyber chat room, has yielded little information of substance other than a falling sky, like the fabled Chicken Little claimed.

Commissioner President Jan H. Gardner has gone the extra mile with her colleague, even to the point of accompanying him and Commissioner David Gray on a “fact-finding” trip to Boulder, CO, in June 2008. President Jan even dragged along Michael G. Marschner, director of the county Division of Utilities and Solid Waste Management.

Read the entire column here: WTE Derangement by Norman M. Covert February 5, 2009

20090205 TT
WTE Derangement by Norman M. Covert Feb 5 2009
Kevin Dayhoff
Kevin Dayhoff: Westminster Maryland Online

Friday, October 10, 2008

Law Enforcement Studies in Carroll County since 1975

Law Enforcement Studies in Carroll County since 1975

Related: 20081007 Eagle Carroll County Police Force work group to meet

1975 – Conducted by Franklin G. Ashburn
Recommendation: Add to the Sheriff’s Office

1979 – Conducted by Franklin G. Ashburn
Recommendations: Add to the Resident Trooper Program; separate Detention Center from Sheriff’s Office

1985 – Conducted by County Staff
Recommendation: Resident Trooper Program is more beneficial than utilizing Sheriff’s Office

1990 – Subcommittee on Public Safety/Police Protection (chaired by Franklin G. Ashburn)

Recommendations (in order):
Share patrols between agencies
Form a Carroll County Police Department
Expand the Resident Trooper Program

1992 – Conducted by Carroll County Police Study Committee (chaired by Maj. Morris L. Krome, ret.)

A. Continue with Resident Trooper Program at 100% funding level, with an extended commitment from the State.
B. Require all future Resident Trooper contracts contain a minimum three-year notice of State’s intention to cancel.
C. Absent an extended commitment from the State, implement a Carroll County Police Department no later than July 1, 1993.
D. Given an extended commitment, establish as much groundwork as possible to prepare for a County Police Department.
E. Establish a Carroll County Law Enforcement Master Plan.

2007 – Conducted by County Staff
Recommendation: If the current system of both Resident Troopers and the Sheriff’s Office is not to be maintained, form a transition team to develop a local policing plan.

20081009 Law Enforcement Studies in Carroll County since 1975

EAGLE UPDATE: Carroll County Police Force work group to meet

A task force of law enforcement officials will meet for the first time next week to lay groundwork for the creation of a Carroll County Police Department.

The Unified Law Enforcement Work Group will meet at 3 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 14, in Room 003 of the County Office Building, 225 N. Center St., Westminster.

The nine-member group, convened by the Board of County Commissioners, includes: Bowie Police Chief Katherine Perez; Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Maj. Thomas Long; Carroll County State’s Attorney Investigator Andrew Mays; former acting superintendent of Maryland State Police John O’Neill Jr.; retired State Police Lt. Dean Richardson; State Police Westminster Barrack Commander Lt. Andrew Winner; Sykesville Police Chief John Williams Jr.; Westminster Police Chief Jeff Spaulding.

The group will be chaired by Cindy Parr, chief of Administrative Services for Carroll County Government.

The meeting is open to the public, but no public comment time has been allotted for this meeting. The meeting can also be viewed on cable Channel 24 and online at

For details, call Vivian Laxton, WAB, county public information administrator, at 410-386-2973.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

20080118 Code addition will set stage for police force

Code addition will set stage for police force

Westminster Eagle News briefs


The (Carroll County) Board of Commissioners last week gave the go-ahead for a public hearing on a proposed chapter to the County Code that will lay the groundwork for creation of a new county police department.

The hearing will be at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 31, in Room 003 of the County Office Building, 225 N. Center St., Westminster.

The proposed chapter specifies the procedure the board must follow to appoint a chief and what the chief's powers and responsibilities will be. It also stipulates duties that county officers will have.

Monday, October 29, 2007

20071029 Carroll County News Briefs from the Westminster Eagle

Carroll County News Briefs from the Westminster Eagle

News Briefs: Parade, trick-or-treating set in Westminster and other local events from the Westminster Eagle


Parade, trick-or-treating set in Westminster

The annual Halloween Parade in Westminster, hosted by American Legion Post 31, will be held Tuesday, Oct. 30, along Main Street.

The parade begins at 6 p.m. at Dutterer Family Park on Monroe Street, continues to Pennsylvania Avenue and then down Main Street to Longwell Avenue.

For more details, call Junior Fisher at 410-848-1180.

Meanwhile, the Mayor and Common Council have designated the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 31 to be Halloween trick-or-treating night.

Trick-or-treating should be conducted between the hours of dusk and 8 p.m. and restricted to children age 12 and under. Children should be accompanied by parents or adult guardians.

Residents who wish to participate should turn on their outside lights. Children should wear light-colored clothing so as to be more visible, and only visit houses in their neighborhood that have outside lights on.

Motorists are asked to pay special care on the evening of Oct. 31.

For a comprehensive list of other local events in Carroll County go here: Carroll County News Briefs from the Westminster Eagle

Monday, October 22, 2007

20071021 Baltimore Sun: “To our readers”

Baltimore Sun: To our readers

Note: I write for the Westminster and Eldersburg Eagle… October 21, 2007

Beginning with next Sunday's editions, our Carroll County readers will be getting a new publication with expanded coverage of the news, people and events in one of Maryland's fastest-growing counties.

This new tabloid publication will be called the Sunday Carroll Eagle. It will be delivered with your Sunday Sun, and it also will be included in editions purchased at retail locations throughout Carroll County.

The Sunday Carroll Eagle will provide our readers with new and deeper local coverage than is currently contained in The Sun's Carroll section. It will be produced by Patuxent Publishing, part of The Baltimore Sun Media Group, which already publishes the weekly Westminster Eagle and Eldersburg Eagle newspapers.

With the arrival of this new publication, we will no longer publish the current Carroll section in the Sunday Sun.

Of course, our readers can continue to follow news about Carroll County in the pages of The Sun and on We value your readership of The Sun, and we hope you enjoy this new publication.

Monday, July 16, 2007

20070714 Solid Waste Management Forum at Frederick Community College

The panelists from left to right: David Dunn, Chair, Frederick County Solid Waste Advisory Committee - Moderator; Robert Ernst, Recycling Manager, Harford County, Maryland – “Recycling in Harford County, Maryland”; Lori Scozzafava, Deputy Executive Director, Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) – National Waste Management Perspective”; Pamela Gratton, Recycling Director, Fairfax County, Virginia – “Integrated Waste Management”; Richard Brandes, Chief, Waste Minimization Branch US EPA Office of Solid Waste – “USEPA Waste Management Perspective”

Solid Waste Management Forum at Frederick Community College

July 14th, 2007

Solid Waste Management Forum at Frederick Community College: A quick overview of those in attendance Saturday, July 14, 2007, when Frederick and Carroll County Government in Maryland sponsored a forum on solid waste issues such as recycling, resource recovery, and integrated waste management.

The event took place in the Jack B. Kussmaul Theater at Frederick Community College from 9 AM to 12 PM

The event was not as well attended as many would have liked but nevertheless, hopefully there were enough folks there to continue a discussion of alternative ways of managing municipal solid waste instead of collecting it and burying it in the ground.

For more information on Waste Management and Waste to Energy issues please click on: Environmentalism Solid Waste Management; Environmentalism Solid Waste Management Waste to Energy; or… Energy Independence or the label, Environmentalism.


Thursday, May 31, 2007

20070531 Carroll County opens 'cooling centers'

Carroll County opens 'cooling centers'
-----Original Message-----

Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2007 12:18 PM

Subject: EAGLE ALERT: County opens "cooling centers"

May 31st, 2007

These stories and other updates are posted on The Eagle Web sites, and

Carroll County opens 'cooling centers'

May 31, 2007 - Carroll County officials announced today (Thursday, May 31), that due of anticipated high temperatures, the Department of Citizen Services is operating six cooling centers around the county. Residents who are vulnerable to extreme heat and who do not have air-conditioning in their homes are invited to cool off in any of the following locations until the close of business at 5 p.m.:

* Citizen Services office building, 10 Distillery Drive, Westminster

* Mount Airy Senior and Community Center, 703 Ridge Ave., Mount Airy

* North Carroll Senior and Community Center, 2328 Hanover Pike, Greenmount

* South Carroll Senior and Community Center, 5745 Bartholow Road, Eldersburg

* Taneytown Senior and Community Center, 220 Roberts Mill Road, Taneytown

* Westminster Senior and Community Center, 125 Stoner Ave., Westminster

Officials said water will be available for those who need it at any of the cooling centers.

The Carroll County Emergency Management Division is also encouraging people to follow safety tips when temperatures and humidity are high:

* Slow down. Strenuous activities should be reduced or rescheduled to the coolest time of the day.

* Wear loose, lightweight, and light-colored.·

* Eat fewer proteins and drink plenty of water.

* Stay in air-conditioning.

For more safety tips, refer to the Citizen's Guide to Emergency Preparedness, available online at, or by contacting the Emergency Management Division at 410-386-2877.

For information about Carroll's senior and community centers, call the Bureau of Aging at 410-386-3800.


Monday, March 5, 2007

20070305 Bowling Brook student death ruled a homicide

Former Bowling Brook Preparatory Academy student death ruled a homicide

March 5th, 2007

Isaiah Simmons, 17, died on Jan. 23, 2007 at Bowling Brook Preparatory Academy[1] in Keymar, Carroll County Maryland.

Today, the Maryland State Medical Examiner’s Office has ruled that Mr. Simmons’ death was the result of “Sudden Death during Restraint.”

Just last Friday, March 2nd, 2007 Bowling Brook announced that it was closing.

In a story by Baltimore Sun reporters Greg Garland and Laura McCandlish on March 2nd, 2007, they wrote:

"Bowling Brook Preparatory School announced today that it intends to cease operations on March 9, 2007, while the investigation into Isaiah Simmons' tragic death continues," the school said in a statement.

"Bowling Brook again expresses its sympathy to the family of Isaiah Simmons. Since the death of Isaiah Simmons, Bowling Brook has cooperated fully with the Department of Juvenile Service and other investigators, and Bowling Brook will continue its cooperation."

The statement said the school, located in Keymar in Carroll County, "remains committed to serving its mission of helping young men make positive changes in their lives and becoming productive citizens" and that it is "proud of its 50-year history of fulfilling that mission."

Many in Carroll County have been both shocked and saddened by the death of the young man and shocked that the 50 year-old academy has closed.

Anecdotally, the reaction of the average person in the street who was even aware of the academy sang praises for the institution that has worked so hard to turn around the lives of so many young men.

Many of us have attended the Union Bridge Town Hall funding breakfasts and witnessed first hand the work of the young men who served food, were so polite and nice to have a conversation.

Upon further inquiry, the reaction was consistent, “What you see is what you get.” That behind the scenes, the teachers and administrators of the school did great work and were committed to maintaining a sterling reputation in a juvenile services program that was essentially considered to be broken throughout the rest of the state.

After the death, many were bewildered that Bowling Brook suffered from a negative political climate in Annapolis so anxious to condemn the facility – while winking and uttering meaningless politically pious platitudes and latitudes about state-run facilities that are broken and are run amok with violence and codified institutional neglect.

Folks who were not even aware of the facility and its good work, much less, to even know where the facility was – were so quick to shake their heads and opportunistically grandstand. All in a misplaced political agenda to capitalize on the death of the young man and paint the facility as an example of everything that was wrong with the juvenile services program in Maryland.

If anything the facility was everything about what is right. About how a juvenile services program can be run well and makes a difference and that bad things happen to good programs.

In an air atmosphere and environment where it is perceived by the elected leadership in Annapolis that big government is the answer to all of our problems, the privately run Bowling Brook Academy is a victim of folks who are still attempting to justify their recent political victory by suggesting a crisis in order to make themselves and their agenda relevant.

To be certain, all signs point in the direction that the state juvenile services program is in crisis – but Bowling Brook was not a part of the crisis.

The death of the young man is tragic and hearts and prayers go out to the young man’s family.

Throwing Bowling Brook under a bus helps relegate so many more young men to a system that is otherwise broken and condemns that many more young men to a lifetime of recidivism – when they could otherwise be lead to a lifetime as a productive citizen.

In an environment like this, one wonders why anyone would want to stick their neck out to attempt to make a difference… _____


Lieutenant Phil Kasten,
Carroll County Sheriff’s Office
100 North Court Street Westminster, MD 21157

Medical Examiner releases final report”
Mon 3/5/2007 2:56 PM

Westminster, Carroll County, Maryland, March 5, 2006 ----

The Maryland State Medical Examiner’s Office has informed Sheriff’s investigators that an examination into the cause and manner of 17-year-old Isaiah Simmons III death has concluded. While their were no obvious external injuries observed during an initial examination,” the autopsy has concluded that Simmons died from, “Sudden Death during Restraint,” and have ruled his death a homicide. The medical examiners office has shared this information with Isaiah Simmons family.

During the past several weeks, Sheriff’s Investigators have collected more than one hundred pieces of evidence, and in coordination with the Department of Juvenile Services interviewed more than one hundred people, including staff and students. At this stage, the Sheriff’s Office has forwarded the investigative results to the Carroll County States Attorney’s Office for review.

The Carroll County Times has a breaking news alert on their web site written by Justin Palk. Mr. Palk writes:

“A grand jury will determine whether charges should be filed in the January death of Isaiah Simmons at Bowling Brook Preparatory School in Middleburg.”


“At the press conference where that announcement was made, Kevin Lewis, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Baltimore division, also announced the bureau would be investigating whether Simmons’ civil rights had been violated.

To hear portions of the 911 tape from the night of Simmons' death, click

You can read the rest of Mr. Palk’s article here.


[1] Bowling Brook Preparatory Academy Mission Statement:

To provide quality residential and education services to male adolescent offenders while helping these same young men make positive changes in their lives. We are committed to providing an environment that is conducive to learning. Our results oriented program focuses on education and providing students with the means of creating and sustaining real life changes through behavior modification and life learning skills. This personal achievement will lead students to successful re-integration into the community.

About Bowling Brook

Bowling Brook Prep School is a private, group oriented residential school for court committed young men. Services provided are designed to change behaviors and attitudes, teach life skills and help these young men sustain these changes as he returns to the community.

Bowling Brook Prep School provides a community based alternative to institutional living for troubling young men. Located just outside of Taneytown, Maryland, the campus is a safe, staff secure environment situated on 120 acres in rural Carroll County.

The program is licensed by the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services. Bowling Brook offers a pre-GED or GED curriculum that is certified by the Maryland State Department of Education. The school is accredited by the Association of Independent Maryland Schools.

The Bowling Brook Facility

Bowling Brook Preparatory School is located approximately 40 miles northwest of Baltimore, Maryland and 18 miles southeast of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on a 120 acre site in the rural Carroll County community of Keymar, Maryland. We are currently licensed for 173 students.

The campus consists of three 13 bed cottages, one 24 bed cottage and two 48 bed dormitories. A 28,300 square foot physical education/recreation facility complete with gymnasium, weight room, wrestling room, locker rooms and a health suite was completed in 2000. An education building which houses 8 classrooms, one computer lab and administrative offices on the upper level and a dining hall with food services spaces on the lower level was completed in 2001-2002. The campus also includes a student union area with a television/training room. The administrative/multi-service building houses the library/media center and administrative offices. The campus also boasts an outdoor sports field, track and basketball court and a large garage with a multi-use workshop. Construction is currently underway for a new workforce learning center which will house a barber shop, culinary arts, building trades, masonry, welding, digital print shop and a modern multi-media auditorium and several classrooms.


20070305 A discussion about the legacy of slavery in Carroll County

Many Rivers Crossed

A discussion about the legacy of slavery in Carroll County

March 5th, 2007

Kelsey Volkmann, writing for the Baltimore Examiner has three great articles in today’s edition of the paper that are compelling “must reads.”

Carroll County, free at last?

A mystery that can be solved

Remembering the Dred Scott decision on its 150th anniversary

Kudos to Ms. Volkmann for once again working hard to bring alive yet another important issue that needs to be further discussed in Carroll County. It is community journalism at its best.

In “Carroll County, free at last?,” I am quoted:

“Explaining (the legacy of slavery in Carroll County) away by saying it was a practice of the times is unacceptable,” former Westminster Mayor Kevin Dayhoff said. “Slavery was wrong, plain and simple.”

Carroll’s future, Dayhoff said, lies in embracing its diversity.

“In order to go forward, we need to meaningfully address old wounds,” he said. “Done correctly, it can bring us closer together. A meaningful portion of the quality of life we enjoy today in Carroll County was built on the backs of African-Americans in bondage.”

The column that I have already filed with my editor for the Westminster Eagle for this coming Wednesday will also explore the subject of the legacy of slavery in Carroll County… and among my ancestors… Paradoxes and surprises abound… More on that later in the week.

On the issue of the Dred Scott decision; if you will recall this was the subject discussed between Maryland Blogger Alliance members Crablaw, Maryland Conservatarian, Soccer Dad and I last November 2006:

20061115 Taney Taneytown and Tupac Shakur” and “20061120 Crablaw’s stand-up mea culpa.” and “20061122 Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney” and “Thank You to Kevin Dayhoff and MD Conservatarian for Taney Correction.” and “Crablaw’s reflection on Chief Justice Taneyand never mind that Taneytown history stuff…, we got that solved… here and here.”

On March 12th, 2007 there will be a public presentation on the subject of the legacy of slavery in Carroll County:

“Many Rivers Crossed”

Sponsored by the Carroll County Human Relations Commission

In Partnership with

the Carroll County Public Library and

The Enoch Pratt Library

Carroll Citizens for Racial Equality

Carroll County NAACP

Carroll County Public Schools

With Special Guest appearance by Dr. Jesse Glass

A presentation by Enoch Pratt Library regarding:

v Collecting and Organizing Family papers

v Examples of Documents

v Slaves Census

v Immigration Records

v Vital Records

v Preserving Family records

v What to think about when collecting documents

v The role of informal oral history

v Where the library can help

March 12, 2007

7-9 pm

At the Board of Education Office Building

Board Room

125 North Court Street