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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eagle Archive: In 1923, sheriff busted the Hampstead fireman's carnival for gambling

On Wednesday, Aug. 1, 1923, the Hampstead Volunteer Fire Company carnival was accused of running a gambling operation and was shut down by Carroll County Sheriff William Phillips.

Phillips appeared on the carnival grounds with Carroll County State's Attorney Theodore F. Brown, and arrested the person in charge of the carnival's amusements, Thomas Zepp, and hauled him off to jail.

Pandemonium broke loose in Hampstead as a result. This was especially true because of the significance the Hampstead fireman's carnival has played in the history of the town…

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hampstead Volunteer Fire Company annual carnival August 15 - 20, 2011

Monday, August 15 - Saturday, August 20
Food, Music, Rides, Raffles, Games, and Much More!

Delicious Platters Served Nightly
Monday through Friday starting at 6 PM
Saturday starting at 4 PM

Great Music
Monday - Big Cam & the Lifters
Tuesday - Iron Ridge
Wednesday - Bird Daddy
Thursday - Aspen Run
Friday - Bootleg
Saturday - Dean Crawford & The Dunn's River Band

Spectacular Rides
Every Night is Ride Night - $20 Ride All Night
Family fun-filled rides including a kiddie-land 
for the youngsters
Rides Start at 7 PM

Saturday, August 20
Starts at 5 PM
Route is along Main Street, 
between Lower Beckleysville Road & Fairmount Road

 ATM (money machine) on site for your convenience.

Park at North Carroll High School
Continuously Running Free Shuttle Busses
Monday through Friday - Busses Start at 6 PM
Saturday - Busses Start at 3 PM


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Friday, March 19, 2010

Baltimore Co. police have identified man found in burning car

Baltimore Co. police have identified man found in burning car just outside Hampstead last week
March 18, 2010 By Kevin Dayhoff Labels: Carroll Co Dist Hampstead, Carroll Co Dist Taneytown, Current Events, MD co Baltimore Co, MD co Baltimore Co issues, MD co Baltimore Co police

Baltimore County police have identified that a Taneytown man was the victim of a vehicle fire last week. Officials say the man is John David Metcalf, 48, of the 4600-block of Buffington Lane.

The autopsy revealed no evidence that John David Metcalf had been the victim of a crime, say Baltimore County police.

The incident occurred last Friday about 1:42 a.m., as firefighters and police responded to a vehicle on fire in the 4600 block of Black Rock Road of Upperco in the northern Baltimore County, just across the county line from Hampstead, Carroll County.

At the time, a man found inside the burning car was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to police, the victim was identified from dental records. The police investigation revealed that “Metcalf had been ill just prior to leaving work. It appears that while driving home, he stopped on the parking lot of Grace United Methodist Church. While parked at the location, a fire started in the engine of the vehicle. The victim’s death was caused by the car fire.”

The car fire last Friday is one of a rash of similar incidents in recent memory.

The Eagle reported yesterday that it was “Arson (that) caused $26,000 in total damage to two cars and a school bus in Mount Airy on Twin Arch Road.

Various media reports indicate similar car fire incidents in the southern York County, Pa., the Parkton area in northern Baltimore County and just last spring there was another death as the result of a car fire in a church parking in Hampstead



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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maryland State Police: Two dead in Hampstead murder-suicide

Two dead in Hampstead murder-suicide

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A tragedy as the result of domestic violence has once again struck Carroll County.

In an incident yesterday, an ex-husband is alleged to have shot his way into the home of his ex-wife, killed her fiancé, and then turned gun on himself.

By Kevin Dayhoff Labels: Carroll Co Dist Hampstead, Carroll County crime, Crime, Dayhoff writing essays crime, MD State Police, Public Safety Domestic Violence

(Hampstead, MD) – The Maryland State Police were called to the scene of an apparent murder-suicide, in the late-morning hours of Tuesday, March 16, 2010, just outside of the town of Hampstead in northern Carroll County, Maryland, which has left two men dead.

According to the Maryland State Police, a 911 call came in to Carroll County Emergency Operations Center shortly after 11:00 a.m. “from a woman in the 1200-block of Allview Drive. She told the dispatcher that her ex-husband had just come into her home and shot her fiancé before shooting himself.”

When police arrived they found two deceased males in a first floor family room at the rear of the house, according to Maryland State Police spokesman Greg Shipley.

A subsequent investigation indicates that one of the males, identified as Michael L. Swift, III, 45 of the 3600-block of Benson Ave., Halethorpe, Baltimore County Md, is alleged to have used a shotgun to shoot his way through a sliding glass door in the back of the house.

At that point, police believe that Swift shot Zaidan S. “Steve” Asid, 51 and then turned the gun on himself. A .12-gauge shotgun was still in the possession of Swift when police arrived.

The police investigation revealed that the woman, (whom Kevin Dayhoff - Soundtrack will not identify because she is the victim of domestic violence,) who had made the 911 call, is apparently the former wife of Swift - and currently the fiancé of Asid, and lived at the home.

Police indicate that she was in the residence at the time of the shooting. She was taken for a medical examination, but found to be apparently unharmed physically. No one else was in the home at the time of the shooting.

The deceased were transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for autopsies as the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit spent the rest of the afternoon investigating the scene.

The Maryland State Police said that the investigation is ongoing. Check back with Kevin Dayhoff - Soundtrack - for more details as they develop.



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Saturday, May 23, 2009

MSP has made a positive ID made of man found in burning truck

Maryland State Police has made a positive ID made of man found in burning truck


(Hampstead, MD) � A forensic examination has resulted in the positive identification of the man whose body was found inside a burning truck on a Carroll County church parking lot early yesterday morning.

The victim is identified as Duane F. Fuller, 39, of the 2600-block of Susanann Drive, Hampstead, Md. The identification was made through the use of dental records by forensic experts at the Office of the State Medical Examiner.

The cause and manner of Fuller's death remain under investigation. The circumstances surrounding his death continue to be investigated by State Police criminal investigators from the Westminster Barracks and deputy state fire marshals from the Office of the State Fire Marshal.

At about 4:15 a.m. yesterday, members of the Hampstead Volunteer Fire Department responded to extinguish a fully-engulfed pick up truck that was seen burning on the parking lot of a church in the 1600-block of Cape Horn Road, Hampstead. Fuller's body was found inside a 2006 diesel Ford utility pick up truck with a crew cab after fire personnel extinguished the blaze.

The truck belonged to Sunrise Safety Services of Glen Burnie. Fuller was employed by that company and was involved in work on the Hampstead Bypass, which is near where the victim was found.

The investigation is continuing.


CONTACT: Mr. Gregory ShipleyOffice of Media Communications & Marketing410-653-4236 (Office) 410-653-4200 (through Headquarters Duty Officer)

20090523 SDOSM MSP has made a positive ID made of man found in burning truck

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Monday, April 28, 2008

20080428 The Havenator

The Havenator

April 28, 2008

In a recent phone call to a certain quintessential town in Carroll, I was greeted on the phone by the friendliest and perkiest town official, who put me through to the “MML Employee of the Year.” (“Meoy” – for short. Pronounced ‘meow.’)

As I chatted with Meoy, WAB, I remembered that I have had a number of requests to post the “Havenator Series” on the blog.

Soooo, without further adieu – here goes:


“Q” May 10, 2008

Hampstead Mayor Havenator Q. Shoemaker and former-Westminster Mayor Kevin Dayhoff share a moment as they reminisce about the “old days.” October 10, 2006 by Kevin Dayhoff (with a Chris Ammann photo.)

“The Operation on Q.” May 13, 2004 Hampstead Mayor “The Havenator” Q. Shoemaker undergoes an “operation at the hands of his family and Westminster Mayor Kevin Dayhoff.


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Thursday, November 23, 2006

20061121 WE Giving thanks WE

has George Washington's Proclamation of Thanksgiving from The Massachusetts Sentinel, October 14, 1789 – here.

shares a Psalm for Thanksgiving here.

Maryland Conservatarian
is “unabashedly thankful for having the good fortune to be an American.”

The Baltimore Reporter
hopes “you have a good one!”

Go here for Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation
from Washington, DC—October 3, 1863

And Monoblogue
is mumbling something about helicopters, WKRP and flying turkeys.

Hopefully you have spent Thanksgiving with family and loved ones. Please be sure to say a special prayer for all our men and women in uniform, in harms way.

Giving thanks for history, and future, of America

11/21/06 By Kevin E. Dayhoff

This Thursday, America celebrates the American version of the "Harvest Festival," gathering families together and watching football; though it should be noted that this annual holiday originated as a celebration to give thanks for the annual harvest.

Of course, outside the United States, the Thanksgiving holiday is known as "Thursday," or "Jueves" in Taneytown.

Muchas personas piensan del d’a de acci—n de gracias como una maravillosa celebraci—n, que les permite tener un largo fin de semana disfrutando de una suculenta cena.

Today, there is no holiday that is more quintessentially American than Thanksgiving, according to many people -- including Hampstead Mayor Haven Shoemaker, who shared his comments in English.

Our household has once again extended a warm invitation to Martha Stewart to join us for Thanksgiving. We're happy that she is out of the Big House, as it is imperative that America make room for more congressmen; especially since the last election has provided us with so many more great new prospects for "Club Fed."

In honor of the holiday, homage is paid to Ms. Stewart by delivering each and every paper to your door folded in the shape of a turkey.

(If yours did not arrive this way, call the editor immediately. And tell him I said, "Happy Thanksgiving!")

The layout for the newspaper was made-up of joyous and colorful words cut out of old political ads. To deliver your paper, I got up extra early, around 10 o'clock, and made an exact replica of the first Rural Free Delivery wagon used by Edwin W. Shriver to delivery mail in Carroll County on Dec. 20, 1899.

I constructed it out of scrap wood gathered from leftover stakes for political signs Ð and a glue gun.

I then created a jackass to pull the wagon, using some DNA lying around from the last election.

Thanksgiving in America was actually first observed at Berkeley Plantation, by the Virginia Colony on Dec. 4, 1619.

In the beginning of another American Thanksgiving tradition, 102 Pilgrims left Plymouth, England, in July 1620 to escape religious persecution.

They came to the New World as illegal immigrants to find a better way of life and persecute others who don't believe as they do or speak their language. But essentially they wanted to practice their religion without government interference, and since the ACLU did not exist at the time, they were allowed to do so.

The trip to the New World was planned by a government committee, which meant they arrived in December, without frozen food, Wal-Mart tents, replacement batteries for their laptops or ice cream.

The winter of 1620 to 1621 was unforgiving and half of the original boat-people died.

Although the local native Wampanoag Indians immediately passed a resolution that the illegal immigrants needed to learn the Wampanoag language; other more broad-minded Native-Americans kept the rest of them from perishing.

The pilgrims thanked the Native Americans by giving them smallpox and alcohol.

Later, as the New England colonists continued to annex Wampanoag land and build housing developments, the King Philip's War erupted, 1675Ð76, and the colonists exterminated the Native Americans and seized the rest of their lands.

Today, the tradition of King Philip's War is re-enacted in the form of public hearings in which the personal character and integrity of public officials is exterminated and all rules of civility seized.

Another American tradition began in 1621, when the New England pilgrims celebrated a feast of thanksgiving by giving thanks to God after a successful harvest.

Today, the Lord's Prayer has been replaced in school and public meetings by a moment of silent bewilderment, and any celebration of God has been systematically removed from public discourse and replaced by a greater conversation as to why our great country has lost its moral bearings.

Hopefully, this Thursday, you will spend the day with loved-ones and family.

Let us reach out to the xenophobic and to those in need of food, shelter, common sense and words of hope.

May we also remember our men and women in uniform in harm's way.

And may we ask that we be given patience, understanding, resolve, and wisdom in all that lies ahead for our great nation.

Kevin Dayhoff writes from Westminster. E-mail him at:

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