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Saturday, April 30, 2011



This site is pretty awesome…

On Your Side is a wiki and blog where you can share the phone numbers, email addresses and names of executives who will help you get the service you deserve.

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Christopher Elliott

Our intrepid researchers have finished yet another category: car manufacturers.
It’s not your fault. When you call a company’s “800” number with a problem, no one tells what to say – or what not to say.
Oour fearless researchers have added another category to our growing customer service wiki: cable TV companies.
Several years ago, I wandered into an art gallery at a Colorado ski resort. I was drawn to the work of a young painter who specialized in wildlife art, and asked the gallery owner how I could contact the artist.
Sometimes, customers let a company get away with murder — figuratively speaking.
Do you want more?
The customer isn’t always right. Not literally, at least.
Even though my mother warned me against using words like “always” and “never” – and maybe yours did too – one adage has been immune to Mom’s scrutiny: The customer is always right.
Everyone knows good service when they see it: The restaurant with a line out the front door, the retail store with customers that come back again and again (even if the prices are higher) or the hotel with a year-long waiting list.
The system works. Just ask Jon Jerome, who had a problem with his George Foreman grill recently, and crafted a succinct message to the company.
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