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Monday, September 30, 2013

Addressing Lincoln and more at Taneytown breakfast by Kevin Dayhoff

Addressing Lincoln and more at Taneytown breakfast [Eagle Archives]

Good friends and good business go well together at the Taneytown Business Breakfast By Kevin Dayhoff September 18, 2013,0,6733018.story

At the most recent Taneytown Business Breakfast, State Senator and historian Joe Getty, R-Baltimore and Carroll County, delighted an audience of almost 100 with insights on the local perspective of President Abraham Lincoln, Taneytown and the Battle of Gettysburg…. Read more:,0,6733018.story


The English author, essayist and biographer, Samuel Johnson once said: “There are two types of knowledge.  One is knowing a thing. The other is knowing where to find it.”

Well, where to find it is at the Taneytown business breakfast. If you have ever attended, you know you may arrive to find a few strangers in the room, but you never leave without making new friends, connections and learning some new way to charge ahead into the day and make a difference in our community.

Audrey Cimino of the Community Foundation of Carroll County could not agree more. “Oh my, - without a doubt, this is the best business breakfast in the area,” said Cimino as she juggled her breakfast in one hand, handed-out literature in the other hand and fielded questions from folks right and left including Kevin McLeod, the Program Director at Silver Oak Academy, and Steve Wantz, the past president of the Carroll County Volunteer Emergency Services Association.

Also see: Battle of the Alamo coincided with Carroll's independence efforts

By Kevin Dayhoff, September 26, 2013

In October 1833 a referendum was held, in what we now know as the area encompassing Baltimore, Carroll and Frederick counties, on whether a new county was to be created. The vote failed, 593 to 554, although it was later speculated that it failed because of voter irregularities in Baltimore County.

Manchester, which had been against the idea of forming a separate (Carroll) county, “exultantly fired [a cannon] in the direction of defeated Westminster” after the vote was taken.

Subsequently a bill was introduced in 1835 and passed the General Assembly on March 25, 1836 to form Carroll County.  This act was confirmed on January 19, 1837. It took only a war of words that lasted about 50 years, but Carroll Countians had finally become an independent county.

This portion of Carroll County history came to mind earlier in the month as I pondered the events of Feb. 23 through March 6, 1836 while I studied a small clay, mud and straw building in a far-off land, now known as Texas.

Many will recognize the dates as when the Battle of the Alamo took place in San Antonio Texas. I took a few days in early September to tour the Alamo and San Antonio and study how its history compared with events in Carroll County in the same time frame.

With the exception of Manchester getting a bit feisty in 1833 and about three military campaigns during the American Civil War, Carroll County history is remarkably free of bloodshed and violence.

Although a small group of missionaries visited the San Antonio area as early as the 1675-1691 time period, it was not until 1718 that a mission outpost was built on the site of the Alamo. A more permanent building was started in 1744…,0,6733017.story

And see: Carroll Lutherans started meeting in 1747

By Kevin Dayhoff, September 3, 2013

The Lutheran church in Maryland can possibly trace its roots as far back as 1747 when small numbers of Lutherans and German Reformers began meeting in private homes primarily in northern Carroll and Frederick Counties.

“The first church building in Carroll County was erected by the Lutheran and Reformed congregations of Manchester in 1760…,” according to a history, “Carroll County Maryland," written by Nancy Warner.

In Westminster, Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church is celebrating its 146th anniversary this month. The historic church located at 21 Carroll St. in Westminster was chartered September 20-23, 1867, according to various accounts including a history of Grace Lutheran published in 1967…,0,6274260.story

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