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Monday, July 7, 2008

20080707 Happy Birthday Aunt Kay Church

Happy Birthday Aunt Kay Church

July 7th, 2008 by Kevin Dayhoff

Yesterday was the Carroll County information desk receptionist, Kay Church’s birthday. She’s the same age as President George W. Bush.

On July 13th, 2006, I wrote in a piece titled, “
20060713 Happy Birthday Kay Church”:

So just what does an “information desk receptionist” do?

After all, I have always been focused on the fact that she has a friendly greeting, warm smile, and almost always has cookies.

She sits almost exactly where the old Crowl ice cream factory used to be, long before the office building was there, so she is continuing a great tradition of hospitality through food.

When I wander into the building, Aunt Kay is quick to tell me where to go.

In my years of working for the public I’ve been told where to go on a number of occasions, but no one does it as nicely as Aunt Kay.

According to our sources, Aunt Kay is part guidance counselor, honorary bailiff (armed with a salad shooter and hard carrots at the ready,) tour guide and mother confessor.

She is also the mother of two grown children. Well, three, if you count her husband, Ron, who also works for county government in the Bureau of Development Review.

Aunt Kay has worked for the county since August 1988, when, after working for Black and Decker in Hampstead, the Manchester Pharmacy and the Hampstead sewing factory, she took a job in personnel services (now called production distribution,) on the bottom floor of the building.

In November 1989 she got a promotion and a raise – to the first floor, where she has been found ever since in her “command station” at the main entrance of the building.

As for her job, Aunt Kay says, she’s “taken an avocation and turned it into a career. I like people and I like talking.”

Read the rest here:
20060713 Happy Birthday Kay Church.

Happy Birthday Aunt Kay.


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20080707 Happy Birthday Aunt Kay Church