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Friday, April 27, 2018

Maryland State Police are investigating an incident at the Carroll County Regional Airport

Maryland State Police are investigating an incident at the Carroll County Regional Airport tonight that resulted in a plane coming off of the runway.

Maryland State Police are investigating an incident at the Carroll County Regional Airport that resulted in a plane coming off of the runway, Cpl. Jordan Snedeker confirmed Thursday night.

At 8:21 p.m., the emergency communications center was alerted to a “small plane crash,” Westminster Volunteer Fire Company public information officer Kevin Dayhoff said. Multiple units from Westminster responded, he said.

Upon arrival, they located a small plane off of the runway and occupants were out of the plane, Dayhoff said.

There were no injuries, he added.

At about 9:10 p.m., Snedeker said police believe something happened while the plane was landing, causing it to come off the runway and into the grass. Police don’t yet know the type of plane or how many people were inside, Snedeker said.

Maryland State Police will be investigating to find out what happened and what caused the incident, he said.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Commissioners reject expansion of Carroll County Regional Airport

Commissioners reject expansion of Carroll County Regional Airport

One of the most ambitious, and contentious, issues in Carroll County over the past decade came to a crash landing on Thursday, Jan. 26, as the Board of County Commissioners rejected the $74 million expansion plan for Carroll County Regional Airport in Westminster.
In a 3-2 vote that came after statements by each commissioner, the board directed staff to begin creating a revised master plan for the airport — one that will accommodate only airplanes with small wing spans, classified as C-II aircraft.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Westminster Common Council Members Frazier and Whitson weigh-in on incinerator and airport expansion

Westminster Common Council Members Frazier and Whitson weigh-in on incinerator and airport expansion

October 17, 2011

As a citizens of Westminster, we have wondered why some elected officials of Westminster haven’t publicly weighed in on issues that would have a large impact on Westminster.  Now that we are elected Councilmen. we would like to let our views be known on two issues that we believe will impact Westminster.  Here are our observations and concerns.

The first is the “waste to energy” incinerator that the county is currently thinking about building with Fredrick County. We are against it for several reasons:

The first of which is the cost to run it. There is a waste to energy incinerator in Montgomery County and every family in the county is charged a fee of several hundred dollars a year to keep it running. Do we need another fee in Carroll?

The incinerator also needs tremendous amounts of trash to keep it running, and needs the paper, cardboard and plastic that is and can be recycled to keep the operating temperatures high enough to run efficiently.  That means that the paper cardboard and plastic that is currently being recycled in Carroll will be burned and not reused.

This is a linear system and we live in nature, which is a cyclical system. A linear system takes, makes, and wastes. It takes things from the resource base and makes whatever we want to buy and creates wastes along the way. Ultimately what is made is also thrown away and in this case it will be burned. We should try to treat our resources like nature in a close looped system. We need to reuse the paper, cardboard, plastic and other “trash” instead of burning it. 

There are technologies in place that make this a more cost effective solution as well which have been recently shared with us at Council meetings. 

One final note that should put an exclamation point on our reasoning is that the incinerator in Harrisburg is the main reason for the city going bankrupt recently!!

The other issue that we are against that is also being looked at is the airport expansion. I have not seen, read or heard of any way that the airport expansion will benefit the people of Westminster or Carroll County.  If it will not somehow positively impact the welfare of the people than why spend the taxpayers money on it. 

The present airport is continuously operating at a loss  with no reason to think it will start to make a profit.  The present debt is 5 million dollars and counting!

The Federal government wants to invest 73 million in it and make it bigger, but after that we will be in charge of the upkeep, which will cost us more money as well.

Marada,  which was one of the main reasons for the expansion, is out of business!

Businesses are less likely to come to Maryland in general due to the heavy tax burden and our lower taxed neighbors.

If we accept Federal  money,  they will give us more mandates in what is required for the airport and have control, as opposed to local control, and we know how much money the Federal gov’t has right now.  – 14 trillion and counting.  Don’t think Carroll County is high on their priority list.

There are also environmental  concerns relating to fuel being dropped on local fields/noise/ as well as homes/land that people have lived on their whole lives that would have to be condemned and forced to move elsewhere in these difficult times.

There is no reason that a county government should be running an airport in the first place.  Governments are not good at being businesses and shouldn’t try to be businesses. 

4 of the 5 Commmisioners ran on a platform that they were opposed to the airport expansion and they should keep their word!

If a business were running an airport it would be more efficient.  In fact, we would be making money as a county if they turned a profit because the private company would be paying taxes.  Since the county runs the airport there is no tax revenue coming in from the airport! When the county loses money, due to the airport losing money, We the People of Carroll County lose!

Dennis Frazier and Paul Whitson ( 410 916 3645 )

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Friday, May 22, 2009

It was a lovely day to protest.

It was a lovely day to protest.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pictured are the airport protesters at the Carroll County office building in Westminster Maryland.

Seems they are also protesting Carroll County commissioners Julia Gouge and Mike Zimmer.

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20090521 Airport protesters

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

20080318 In Carroll County - I’d rather watch it all happen on TV

In Carroll County - I’d rather watch it all happen on TV

March 18, 2008

Recently there has been a push to televise all local government meetings in Carroll County.

And then - last week the story broke that (now former) New York governor Eliot “Mr. Clean” Spitzer, otherwise known as “love client no. 9,” had violated his marriage vows and broken a number of laws by taking “acting lessons” with an “aspiring-singer.”

There is a relationship between the two events and issues. Bear with me and I’ll attempt to make my point…

Governor Spitzer mercifully resigned on March 12 and ended a sensational 48 hours of salacious melodrama of position, power, greed, and human failings.

The ironies abound in this tragedy.

In his previous job as attorney general of New York, he had gained a reputation as a ruthless boar in his relentless crusade against wrongdoing on the part of Wall Street.

To further his own political ambitions, he made it great sport to ruin the reputations of Wall Street executives.

He often used the very same laws that in the end brought about his own demise.

However, anecdotal accounts indicate his unpleasant approaches were not centered on bad folks. He was, by many accounts, an equal opportunity misanthrope, often treating foes and colleagues with equal disdain.

Once he took over the governor’s office he quickly proceeded in going back on as many of his campaign promises as possible and fought with everyone – on both sides of the political aisle.

He raised taxes, added to the state’s payroll, and increased spending by 7 percent. In the paradox of contemporary taxation policy, the more New York raised taxes, the larger the state deficit grew. New York residents and businesses fled the state in astronomical numbers - and as he leaves office, he leaves behind a huge budget deficit and $2 billion in tax proposals.

One of the many golden rules of life is always treat people well when you’re on your way up because you never know when you’re coming down.

In the end, as Governor Spitzer faced a life-altering crisis, he was completely alone with no friends.

I often wonder about this “human” aspect of community leadership when I attend – or watch public hearings on the local Carroll County public access Channel 24 and witness the incivility and hypocrisy.

Locally a leadership void continues to persist. And one wonders why.

Many folks feel disenfranchised and alienated because there are too many “Spitzers” in office, locally, in Annapolis, and nationally, who aren’t doing their job and aren’t honest with us.

Then again, in today’s political environment, why would anyone want to leave the comfort of their families – their jobs, to take on leadership positions in the community where personal attacks and character assassination is a blood sport for those who may disagree with certain decisions?

And astonishingly those who are the most unpleasant are the ones who want others to respect their point of view and have an opportunity to be heard.

Recently there has been a push to televise all local government meetings in Carroll County.

A position I whole-heartedly support because personally attending these meetings is so incredibly unpleasant; why would anyone want to go?

They’re hard enough to watch on television, but at least when we watch them on TV, we can change the channel – or leave the room.

In recent memory I have had a number of folks tell me that they never gave much thought to this or that pressing issue of the day. But after having seen and heard the folks who are against it - - they’re for it.

A case in point is the fella who asked for my position on the airport… I shared with him that both sides have good points – that ought to be heard…

That in the end, the commissioners need to decide what is going to be best the greatest majority of Carroll Countians… That the commissioners are obviously not going to make everyone happy with this issue. There is no silver bullet or win-win.

He told me that he never thought much about expanding the airport until he saw the folks who are against it in action and now he wholeheartedly supports expanding the airport. Hmmm.

And recently in Carroll County; in an interesting twist, some of the folks who have been privately (and publicly) the most unpleasant are now publically claiming they are being bullied and pleading for civility.

I’d rather watch it all happen on TV.


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20080318 In Carroll County - I’d rather watch it all happen on TV

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

20070611 Recent local newspaper coverage of the proposed airport expansion

A listing of recent local newspaper coverage of the proposed airport expansion

June 11th, 2007

For more posts on “Soundtrack” about Carroll County Regional Airport go to: Carroll County Regional Airport

Kelsey Volkmann coverage in the Baltimore Examiner:

Airport’s night-light, fuel pump broken - 06/12/2007
Commissioners are scheduled to vote today on whether to lengthen the runway at Carroll County Regional Airport in Westminster. But a source familiar with airport operations questions whether an expansion is appropriate when it can’t seem to keep up with basic maintenance.

Airport meeting disappoints - 06/08/2007
Residents opposed to the lengthening of the runway at the Carroll County Regional Airport said they were disappointed by their meeting with county commissioners Thursday.

Residents against expansion petition county lawmakers - 06/05/2007
It was a two-pronged attack.

Carrie Knauer coverage in the Carroll County Times:

Airport expansion: Impact of proposal examined

The much-debated airport expansion plan, which is part of the Carroll County Regional Airport Master Plan, includes a longer runway, new hangars and other amenities to attract more business to the airport and nearby business parks. But some residents... Jun. 11, 2007; scored 775.0

Residents share mixed feelings

On Tuesday, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners is scheduled to vote on the Carroll County Regional Airport master plan, which includes recommendations to build a new 6,400-foot runway north and west of the existing runway. While residents who ... Jun. 11, 2007; scored 775.0

More ire for airport

Protesters seek injunction against commissioners After failing to receive an injunction to prevent the Carroll County Board of Commissioners from voting on the airport master plan today, members of Concerned Citizens United took their protest from th... Jun. 12, 2007;

Runway in need of funds

Airport expansion opponents who met with Carroll County commissioners Thursday walked away from the table discouraged, saying they believe the commissioners have already made up their minds to go forward with the expansion. Ron Buczkowski, Cheri Grub... Jun. 8, 2007;

Westminster Eagle coverage of the airport expansion matter:

Neighbors decry impact of airport expansion 05/30/07 - By Katie V. Jones

The deterioration of quality of life -- whether by pollution, traffic or lack of security -- was the biggest concern presented last week to the Board of County Commissioners at a public hearing re...

Issues related to airport proposal need clear review

05/24/07 - Guest Opinion by Cindy Parr — Chief of Administrative Services for Carroll County Government In recent months, much has been written about the Carroll County Regional Airport's (CCRA) proposed expansion effort.

This letter is intended to serve as a clarification of the facts as they...

News Briefs 05/23/07 - CCPS cuts $8.9 million from requested budget

As the Board of County Commissioners wraps this year's budget process, the public school system acted last week to trim $8.9 million from its initial...

Letters 05/23/07 - Airport debate hasn't been as open as it should be

I appreciate The Westminster Eagle's attestation that the nuances of the proposed airport master plan may perhaps be too much to be adequately ...

Airport options face public

05/16/07 - By Jim Joyner

To build or not to build ... or maybe to build a little or a lot.

Those are the questions being posed for the future of the Carroll County Regional Airport, and they are also the subject of ...

Airport master plan needs to circle the field before landing 05/16/07 - EDITORIAL

Next week's budget hearing on the proposed master plan for Carroll County Regional Airport promises to be high-flying -- the options for upgrades at the airport already have a followin...

Letters 04/11/07 - Residents will see airport expansion impact in taxes

Raise your hand if you own a corporate jet. I rest my case -- so much for an expansion of the airport directly benefiting local citizens.


Dropping a hot potato in the commissioner's laps

04/11/07 - By David Grand

That's how I'd describe the dilemma the commissioners find themselves in, having to choose between expanding the airport's runway for the county's financial gain -- by being able to handle larger ...

No happy landing for Sage study 04/05/07 - By Katie V. Jones

Local residents took the opportunity on Monday to sound off on a recent study on the economic impacts of a proposed expansion of the Carroll County Regional Airport.

Many in the large crowd that...

News Briefs 03/28/07 - Sage to present findings of county airport study

Anirban Basu of the Sage Policy Group will host a public meeting next Monday to discuss the findings of a study on the economic impact of Carroll...

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

20040914 Westminster acquires properties by Greg Guenthner for the Carroll County Times

20040914 Westminster acquires properties by Greg Guenthner for the Carroll County Times

Westminster acquires properties by Greg Guenthner for the Carroll County Times

September 14, 2004

City officials approved the purchase of two properties on Union Street to be rehabilitated.

The duplex, located at 45 and 47 Union St., will be sold to low or moderate income families to promote homeownership, said Karen Blandford, the city's housing and community development manager.

The city housing department hopes to change the balance between renters and homeowners in Westminster, Blandford said.

The houses will be sold in a shared equity program, Blandford said, which will allow the city to maintain a share in the appreciation of the property. The program also guarantees that the home will not be sold as a rental unit.

In other business:

Council approved the appointment of Calvin Wray Mowbray Jr., to the Carroll Regional Airport Technical Advisory Committee.

Mowbray is a pilot with a background in management and marketing.

Mayor Kevin Dayhoff issued a proclamation for Constitution Week for the week of Sept. 17-23.

Dayhoff also issued a proclamation recognizing Disabled American Veterans Forget-Me-Not Month.

- Greg Guenthner

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