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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

U.S. exports helping the economy

U.S. exports helping the economy
There's a bright spot of economic growth. And it should be getting more attention.
Commentator David Frum
Commentator David Frum. (David Frum)
KAI RYSSDAL: While it's tempting to believe the markets have been rallying on all this talk of some kind of deal on the debt, fact is, traders are a bit more base than that. Strong corporate profits from the likes of Apple, IBM and Coca-Cola are really what's going on.
That's one economic bright spot. Commentator David Frum says there's another one.

DAVID FRUM: Here's some good news amid the economic gloom: U.S. exports continue to surge. April set a record, $175 billion. May fell a little short, but the United States is well launched to increase exports in 2011 by 25 percent over 2009 -- and to double exports by 2014.
An economy as big as the U.S. cannot export its way out of recession. But the export surge does contain promising signals of the U.S. economy of tomorrow...

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