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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Doing business in the state of Maryland is an ordeal in hell: Permitting issue ends local firm's recycling of food scraps

Maryland Department of the Environment calls for operations to cease due to lack of permits

By Kevin Rector, February 6, 2012

A Woodbine company that had been processing food scraps into composted materials with commercial applications — a process lauded by state and local officials as the next great frontier in recycling — has ceased those operations after hearing concerns about pollution from the Maryland Department of the Environment.

The impact has been far reaching, causing a string of institutions and the Howard County government, which were all sending food scraps to the facility, to find other, out-of-state facilities to handle the material.

Recycled Green Industries, which is still processing yard waste at its Carroll County facility off Kabik Court, received a verbal request to stop its food waste operations from the department on Dec. 22 because it did not have correct permits or processes in place to handle food scraps, according to a department spokesman…,0,5133383.story

[20120206 ExpCar Permitting issue ends firm recycling]

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