Monday, November 24, 2008

“Munchie run” by a Salisbury University student from Westminster leads to MTV infamy

“Munchie run” by a Salisbury University student from Westminster leads to MTV infamy

Lindsey Staymates, 20, of Westminster, talks to Deputy First Class Rob Parker of Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office near Salisbury University. Staymates’ appearance on the MTV show “Busted” garnered her the dubious distinction of “Miss Busted 2008.” ((Photo courtesy MTV))

November 23, 2008

Score another great story by talented Explore Carroll writer Charles Schelle. If you are not reading Mr. Schelle’s stuff on, you’re missing out…

First the video that Mr. Schelle found:

Munchie Run

After receiving a DUI just two days earlier, a 19-year Lindsay is again stopped by an officer, this time for underage drinking while walking.

Now Mr. Schelle’s article in the Sunday Carroll Eagle:

'Munchie run' gone bad leads to MTV infamy

Westminster native 'Busted' on reality TV By Charles Schelle Posted on 11/23/08

Lindsey Staymates of Westminster was just "walking on the feet" to the "hungry store."

But she wound up on MTV with a ticket from police. Now, she's Miss Busted 2008.

"I actually don't regret it all," said Staymates, 20, a sophomore at Salisbury University. "I just see it as another life event."

Staymates received nationwide attention for her comical, yet eye-opening, appearance on the MTV show "Busted." The show is a sort of "Cops" for a younger generation, featuring footage of crimes committed by 17- to 25-year-olds and the consequences they face. In Staymates case, she says she was starving on May 11 after a night of drinking and headed to Hardee's. But after being previously cited for driving under the influence, she decided to jog to Hardee's.

That's when Deputy First Class Rob Parker of the Wicomico Sheriff's Office -- and an MTV crew -- spotted her.

The deputy performed a preliminary breath test, and Staymates blew a .16, twice the legal limit if you're 21. (The legal limit for people under 21 in Maryland is .00.)

But Staymates didn't see what was wrong with jogging to Hardee's, even if she was drunk.

"I was walking ... on the feet!" she told Parker in a plea that started her 15 minutes of fame. "I was hungry! ... I'm like, 'I'm walking to the ... hungry store!' "

Today, in retrospect, Staymates said she wasn't sure what would come out of the episode, mostly because she's not sure what happened.

"I didn't have any idea of what I said," she admits.

But suddenly, people recognized the Westminster High School graduate at Salisbury -- and back home in Westminster.


Read the entire article by Mr. Schelle here: 'Munchie run' gone bad leads to MTV infamy

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