Saturday, January 17, 2015

Commissioners react to proposed school budget -

Commissioners react to proposed school budget -

Calls for $11.5 million increase

By Wiley Hayes, Times Staff Writer
8:05 p.m. EST, January 15, 2015,0,313956.story 

 The Carroll County Board of Education outlined its proposed school system budget for the upcoming fiscal year for the County Board of Commissioners. The proposal requests an increase in county funding by $11.5 million, and also introduced the commissioners to a long-term plan that calls for school funding to increase at the same rate as the county's revenue.

 Carroll County Public Schools Superintendent Steve Guthrie said the system is requesting $173.5 million for fiscal year 2016, which is $11.5 million more than what the county had planned for FY16 and what they are currently being funded for FY15. 

The Board of Education's proposed budget is $180.4 million in 2017, $189.4 million in 2018, and $198.9 million in 2019."

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