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Red Maryland: Should an “R” behind the name make a difference?

Red Maryland: Should an “R” behind the name make a difference?

I received this (Letter to the Editor) by Twitter the other day - January 24, 2015 Saturday Red Carroll @RedCarrollMd @ChangeMaryland @CarrollStandard @frednewspost @kevindayhoff @wbaltv11 @cbsbaltimore More questions @joegetty seat…

By KCC Admin | January 24, 2015

An open letter from Keep Carroll Conservative to Senator Joe Getty:

Dear Senator Getty,


We ask you to please help us understand the inconsistencies in the Hogan administration talking points for the last month. We’ve posted screen shots that show you started your new position with the Hogan Administration but now someone is covering those tracks and your profile shows no starting date to for your new appointment. You’re our home-town guy who should have the best interests of Carroll County in mind, right? Perhaps you can help answer a number of troubling questions:

Who Are We?

Keep Carroll Conservative is a grass-roots organization made up of concerned citizens who reside in Carroll County. We live here because we believe Carroll County stands for less government, lower taxes, great schools, and safe neighborhoods.  And we want it to remain that way.

We know that it’s people, not government, who make – and keep – Carroll the “Switzerland” of Maryland Counties.  (You know Switzerland.  It’s the tiny, conservative Country in Europe that’s currently holding the whole region together.)  We know conservative principles are the only governing principles that have survived the test of time.  It explains why Switzerland is doing so well while all the liberal countries around it are dealing with collapse.

It’s our focus to share the greatness of conservatism; get the best candidates elected to public offices in Carroll County; and keep you informed about the latest goings on in Carroll.
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