Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Terry’s Tag & Title

Terry’s Tag & Title

May 26, 2015

Providing fast, friendly and affordable tag and title services for drivers of new or used vehicles and fleet accounts.

Terry’s is a licensed title service for the State of Maryland. We are one of about 200 in the state that are authorized by Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration to process title transactions. We are one in 150 that are authorized to issue license plates over the counter. We are permitted to process most transactions over the counter. We can issue most types of license plates with the exception of specialty plates such as organizational and handicap plates. However, they are available to us with a 24 hour business turnaround time. We are bonded by State Farm Insurance.

Terry’s Tag & Title Service offers many of the services that you will find at the state agency. Our hours are more desirable than the state offers. We pride ourselves on personable, reliable, confidential service. We have an outstanding staff with over 40 years of combined knowledge. We can help you with the difficult transaction of a newly purchased vehicle to most other transactions that take ten minutes or less……….yes, ten minutes.

Terry’s Tag & Title Service can help you navigate thru the red tape of the state when it comes to vehicle registration in Maryland. We know that your time is very valuable and you do not have time to waste. That’s why Terry’s Tag & Title Service customers state “why go anywhere else”. We make you feel as if the transaction is effortless. And we are affordable!  Don’t want to waste two hours of time turning in license plates from a vehicle you sold, traded-in, or disposed of? It takes two minutes at Terry’s Tag & Title Service! Need to renew your license plates, no problem it takes two minutes or less!

Terry’s Tag & Title issues most types of license plates except specialty plates, such as organizational and handicap plates. However, we can process specialty plates with a 24-hour business turnaround time.

We expedite the tag and title process so you receive all the benefit. Whether you need a new plate, to renew your current plate or transfer a title, we guarantee fast transactions that save you time.

Our locations are unique in that we are one of only 200 agencies in Maryland that process title transactions, and we are one of only 150 authorized to issue license plates over the counter. But it’s not just our authorization that makes our locations great for you—our staff makes every transaction a pleasant experience.

Do you have questions about your tag or title? We encourage you to call our offices for any questions or inquiries you may have.

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