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November 27, 2008: Penny Riordan Carroll Seniors and the Great Depression

November 27, 2008: Penny Riordan Carroll Seniors and the Great Depression

In November 2008, writer Penny Riordan gave us a first-hand account of Carroll Seniors and the Great Depression. November 27, 2008 KED

On November 27, 2008 I wrote:

Penny Riordan Carroll Seniors and the Great Depression

November 27, 2008

For those who have missed the reporting of Penny Riordan, the former education reporter for in the Carroll County Times, do not despair. 

She is still with the paper; however she has become the editor of the newspaper’s “Carroll Seniors” publication.

The November 2008 edition of the paper has a great deal of excellent content on the Great Depression, which has certainly been in the forefront of the news these days as the nation continues to wrangle with economic turmoil. 

Unfortunately, the content is not online.  So you will have to walk on your feet to a nearby hungry store and pick up a copy at a newsstand.  How quaint.

I recently grabbed a copy and revisited the joys of actually holding a newspaper in my hand as I poured over the excellent writing…  You should do likewise.  It is some great reading…

Kevin Dayhoff November 27, 2008

“Carroll Seniors”  “The Great Depression: those who lived the decade compare it to the current economic crisis”

“Banks shutting down.

Stock market troubles.


In today’s economy, these phrases are used often. But they also conjure up memories of another economic crisis that has been brought up a lot more in recent months: the great depression.

But for those who lived through the great depression, things going on in the economy today just don’t quite compare.”

Carroll Seniors is a free publication distributed by the Carroll County Times.  It is produced by Penny Riordan, the former education reporter for the Times.  
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