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April 18, 1999 Baltimore Sun: Westminster Main Street Mile

“18th annual Main Street Mile draws field of nearly 300 to downtown Westminster.”

Nearly 300 people, ages 4 to 75, ran down Main Street for the 18th annual Main Street Mile Wednesday night.

Medals and ice cream sundaes piled high with toppings were plentiful. So were red faces, shouts of cheer and calls of ''Your time ... what was your time?"

"When I came down to the finish line, it felt like my feet were burning," said 9-year-old Laura Getty, daughter of Del. Joseph M. Getty. Like many, the Gettys made the mile run a family affair. Madison, 4, the youngest of the participants, crossed the finish line last with her father in a time of 13:23:04. Her sister, Emma, and brothers, Justis, and Nathan Getty, also participated.

Andrew Glaser, a first-grader at Linton Springs Elementary School, took a slow, chat-while­ you-jog pace. His mother, Laura Fondi, jogged barefoot on the sidewalk beside him.

"These are the only shoes I had," she said, adding that there was little time between work and the Main Street Mile. Her other son, Michael, a fourth-grader at the same school, raced ahead and promised to meet at the finish line.

Main Street Mile is sponsored by the Westminster Road Runners Club. It attracts runners from all over the state because the down­hill slope offers an opportunity for record times. "The run went really well. More people pre-registered, we moved registration to the new fire hall, and everything ran smoothly," said Linda Galinaitis, treasurer and a member of the board of directors for WRRC.

Top results of this year's Main Street Mile include:

Men's top three and Masters winners:

• First: Jesse 0’ Connell, 4:01:00 (second last year); First Master (over 40 years old), Dennis Coleman, 4:25:04; second, Michael Sterling, 4:25:07; third Joey Sottile, 4:26:01.

• 11-12 years old,   Stephen Coleman, 5:51:02;
13-15, Danny Shugars, 5:01:05;
16-19, Tristan Gilbert, 4:33:08;
20-29, Brian Smith, 4:32:04;
30-39, Jim Keesling, 4:31:00; 
40-49, Paul Denz, 4:53:09; 50-59, Eric Gyaki, 4:55:02;
60-69, Jim Beahm, 5:39:09;
70-plus, Bill Osborne, 6:44:06.

Women’s top three and Masters winners:

• First, Christine Curley, 5:17:04; second, Colleen Lawson, 5:25:01; third, Tara Callegary, 5:34:06; first Masters, Kim Keller, 6:39:03.

• 11-12 years old, Jamie Wright, 5:59:08;
13-15, Anna Novak, 5:38:07;
16-19, Sarah Foor­Hogue, 5:51:08; 2
0-29, Kourtnay Purcaro, 6:08:04 30-39,
Beverly Black, 5:53:01;
40-49, Ann Linz, 7:19:04;
50-59, Dee Nelson, 6:43:05;

60-69, Rose Ann Sauter, 12:05:07.
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