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Carroll Co. Library celebrates the 65th anniversary of the opening of Davis Library

Carroll Co. Library celebrates the 65th anniversary of the opening of Davis Library

For more information on the Davis Library click here: Westminster File Davis Library

Westminster Md. May 1, 2016 Sunday - Sharon Yingling on the left – a member of the Friends of Carroll County Public Library board, Davis Library board member Caroline Babylon in the middle, and Carroll County Public Library board member Joyce Davis Muller on the right, cut a cake at the Westminster branch of the library to help celebrate the 65th anniversary of the opening of the Davis Library, a predecessor of what we know today as the Carroll County Public Library. Photo by Del. Susan Krebs.

Look for a similar photograph by Carroll County Public Library’s communications specialist Jennifer Boatman on an excellent article about this event by Carroll County Times writer, Michel Elben in the Monday, May 2nd, edition of the Carroll County Times. Find her article here:

Caroline, and I joined many friends, colleagues, and community leaders, and the fantastic staff of the Carroll Co. Public Library for a celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Davis’ contributions to our community.

Jennifer Boatman also produced an excellent video in which local folks shared their memories of the Davis Library. The video debuted at the Davis Day ceremonies today, just after lunch as approximately 45 folks braved a spring shower and chilly temperatures to attend the historic downtown Westminster event; one of many recently developed by the Carroll County Public Library.

Many could not agree more with what Del. Susan Krebs said on her Facebook page, “Celebrated Davis Day at the Westminster library, honoring Walter H. Davis who started the first public library in Carroll County in 1951. What a legacy he left to Carroll Countians!”

Thank you Del. Susan Krebs, Mark Krebs, and Commissioners Dennis Frazier, and Stephen Wantz, and Kathy Zepp Wantz, Paul Zimmermann, for always taking the time, often away from your families, in spite of extremely busy schedules; to show - up at our community events.

A big thank you goes out to the staff and board of the Carroll County Public Library for all your hard work on developing so many arts and cultural community and social events for Carroll County; including folks such as Kati Hoffman, Jennifer Boatman, Lisa Picker, Tony Eckard, and Lynn Wheeler.


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