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“Dayhoff: A German POW camp was located on site of Wakefield Valley golf course during WWII”

“Time Flies,” by Kevin E. Dayhoff January 13, 2017

As far back as 1960s, the idea of building houses in Wakefield Valley has been the topic of divisive and acrimonious debate in our community. Especially since the sprawling development, currently located in the valley, sits on what was once the location of some Carroll County’s best farmland. The current houses next to the proposed 53-house development were built many years ago in spite of bitter opposition from the local community.


“Dayhoff: A German POW camp was located on the Wakefield Valley Golf Course during WWII.” Sunday, January 15, 2017 Time Flies, by Kevin Dayhoff,

This coming Tuesday, January 17, the use of German POWs to do farm work in Carroll County during World War II, will be the topic of the Historical Society of Carroll County’s popular Box Lunch Talk series.

“During World War II, American farms and factories faced a labor shortage. One little- known solution to the problem was the use of German prisoners of war,” according to Historical Society.


As an aside, this same golf course property is currently in the news. Recently several folks have asked about the background to the current discussions about a recent proposal to build 53 houses on a portion of the now defunct Wakefield Valley Golf Course.


The struggle with the constantly changing links and changes with the Baltimore Sun – and the Carroll County Times is real – and at times, quite frustrating.

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This link for my story on “Dayhoff: A German POW camp was located on site of Wakefield Valley golf course during WWII,” may be found here:

As of this morning, before the Box Lunch Talk today at noon at Grace Hall in Grace Lutheran Church, in Westminster – the link worked. Just saying.

The Box lunch Talk was well attended. 150 folks came to hear an excellent and insightful presentation by Jim Shriver. Another great program by the Historical Society of Carroll County.

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