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January 29, 2006: Move-in begins for Carroll County Nonprofit Center - By Mary Gail Hare, Sun reporter

This day in history: January 29, 2006: Move-in begins for nonprofits (at Carroll County Nonprofit Center) By Mary Gail Hare, Sun reporter

Twenty charitable agencies in the county will soon make their home in a new $6 million office building 

By Mary Gail Hare, Sun reporter

Originally published January 29, 2006 – Sadly, the link no longer works and I could not find the article when I searched for it on the The Sun website….. KED/Jan. 29, 2017

Instead of struggling to pay monthly rent for what was for many cramped quarters, 20 of Carroll County's benevolent organizations are moving into free office suites, tailored to their specific needs. 

The Carroll County Nonprofit Center, a nearly $6 million structure near downtown Westminster, will provide offices and conference and meeting areas, as well as furniture and equipment, to the Community Foundation, Head Start, the Literacy Council and the local branches of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Meals on Wheels and Habitat for Humanity, among others. 

"Because they won't have to pay rent, these organizations will have money to do more programs, buy more equipment and hire more staff," said Audrey Cimino, director of the Community Foundation. 

Dee Hines, coordinator for the Literacy Council, said the agency's new office will offer more space for clients and tutors. 

"The savings in rent will give us money for more books and materials," she said. "This is such a great gift to the community." 

Anverse Inc., a Georgia-based charity, broke ground on the three-story building last year after paying nearly $700,000 for the 3-acre lot in Westminster's Englar Business Park. The charity built the 40,000-square-foot center and is asking the tenants to pay only the utility costs. 
The building, which Anverse officials call "our guinea pig," includes a research library, small meeting rooms and kitchens, as well as the office suites. Its 1,900-square-foot conference room will be available to any nonprofit organization in the county. 

"Every space has been tailored to what the organization needs," said Mark Krider, project and building manager. "We asked them what they have now and what they need. Then, we made the space for them." 

Anverse is also building work stations and furnishing much of the building, with some help from the community. A department store provided toys to Head Start, the federally funded early-childhood program. Another Westminster company, when it relocated, offered the center 13 office suites. 

"They gave us every stick of furniture, all good stuff," said Cimino. "We have desks, conference tables, bookcases, all made out of wood." 

Anverse will continue to provide landscaping, maintenance and housekeeping services - an estimated $300,000 annual expense, company officials said. Every tenant will have access to the Internet and be interconnected by telephone. 

"Organizations will be neighbors, who will get to know each other," Cimino said. "The ripple effect will be incredible. We will all help each other just by our presence." 

The library will include information on thousands of grant resources that may help tenants find funding. 

"The whole concept is sharing resources," Krider said. "We even have break rooms, where people can collaborate on projects." 


The building is the first of its kind in Maryland, said Krider, who added that he hopes other corporations emulate it. 

"This building is a totally unique opportunity for all of us," Cimino said. "We need to make the most of it so Anverse will do it someplace else."

This Day in History: January 29, 2006: Move-in begins for Carroll County Nonprofit Center - By Mary Gail Hare, Sun reporter

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